Rags and Menka try to fail Suhani’s plans in Suhani Si…



Dadi scolds Suhani again seeing her control her grandsons. She asks them not to go office to do any work, as she will hire any new manager in Saxena’s place. Suhani asks her how can she be sure that the new manager will be loyal to them, and will not ditch them like Saxena did. Suhani tells Dadi that it is time that Birla sons become responsible and take the office control in hands. Dadi disagrees and Suhani asks her to give her a chance to workout things in office. Suhani says she will save her family business and asks Dadi about the company foundation. Dadi tells her that her husband has started Birla empire and gives her some insight. Dadi challenges Suhani to take care of business and settle the matter in 15 days, else she will have to leave Birla house forever.

Suhani agrees to her condition and asks what if she succeeds. Dadi says she will send Rags and Menka with her to office as her secretaries. Rags and Menka are stunned and get together to stop Suhani from running the company well. Suhani works hard and goes to office. She finds few things improper there and makes some plans to save Birla business and also her dad’s house and job. Suhani takes all cheque books and accounts. Dadi starts trusting her as Pankaj helped their business survive. Yuvraaj supports Suhani and becomes her strength. Rags sends Menka to find out Suhani’s plan so that they can ruin her plans and make her fall in Dadi’s eyes. Menka goes to Pratima’s room and finds Pratima and Suhani sleeping. She looks around to get the files and hides seeing Suhani waking up. Will Suhani live up to everyone’s expectations? Keep reading.



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