Raman’s locking entry and Ishita’s rocking ‘Tashan’ in Yeh Hai Mohabbatein


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Ishita and Romi come to meet Parmeet to do out of court settlement. Parmeet argues with her. Romi asks him to shut up and sign the divorce papers. Parmeet says he will not easily give divorce to Simmi and asks for 60 lakhs. He says it’s a small amount for Bhalla Family. She gets angry and asks how can she think Parmeet can agree, as he has a dirty mind. She asks how can he set a price for Ananya and its never right to take money in wrong way. Ishita and Romi scold Parmeet for falling more day by day. Parmeet asks Romi to cool down and think if he does not give divorce to Simmi and drag her to court. Ishita thinks if Parmeet gives divorce, Simmi can marry Subbu peacefully.

While Karan Patel is still on his leave, the show is managing without showing Raman Bhalla, and just using his name. The show has new track of Raman’s return from America and the Bhalla family plans a surprise for Ishita. They ask Raman to hide in bathroom and he instead gets locked in the cupboard. The keys get lost and the family worries to get Raman out. They do not tell anything to Ishita, as she is not supposed to know the surprise. Mrs. Bhalla and Mrs. Iyer try to keep Ishita away from her room, and ask Romi to help Raman come out of the cupboard. How will Ishita manage to deal with upcoming problems? Keep reading.



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