Raman’s precious gift for Ishita lined up amidst Simmi’s engagement in Yeh Hai Mohabbatein


yeh hai mhbtn9

Raman is happy after confessing love to Ishita. They are spending some romantic quality time together. Ishita gets shy and asks him to hold on his romantic spirit. When Raman is away from her eye sight, she talks to him being alone. Raman tries finding excuse to talk to her. He is lost in his own romantic world. He is trying to take their relation to next level when Ishita’s test report came postive. Ishita recalls their happy moments and gets Raman’s call. He tells her that he is planning to give the happiness of the world, which she did not expect till now. He tells her about planning a baby and it will be their very own baby, also saying Adi and Ruhi will always be special for her. Ishita gets surprised and stunned hearing this and gets under a bit of unbelief. Raman pacifies her growing happiness.

Meanwhile, Simmi will get married soon and this will bring happiness time in Bhalla house. As of now Simmi gets engaged to Subbu with her family members around her happily standing. Subbu and Simmu’s roka is done. There is a twist to spoil their relation. Shagun gets exposed by the ACP partially. He did something to blackmail Shagun. He asks her why you didn’t go to Australia, but didn’t tell that Shagun was trying to take kids along with her to Australia. Shagun gets scared as her truth may come out. She is not happy as her plan is failing badly. Will Shagun succeed in her plans? Keep reading.




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