Tanu’s non-ending drama continues to hover in KumKum Bhagya



After Pragya hurts Dadi and goes against her to support Akash and Rachna’s marriage, Abhi gets doubtful about her changed behavior and decides to find out the truth. He promises his tear shedding Dadi to bring her old Pragya back. He follows Pragya to the restautant and sees her meeting with Tanu secretly. Pragya assures Tanu that she will give her place to her in Abhi’s life and will secure her child’s future. She decides to sacrifice big for Tanu and her child, and make herself bad in Abhi and his family’s eyes. However Tanu gives her three days time to convince Abhi.


Abhi hears Pragya convincing Tanu not to abort her child as it is Dadi’s heir and Abhi’s baby. He gets shocked and goes to confront her with a heavy tight slap on Tanu’s face. Tanu gets shocked. Abhi asks her to give the proofs confirming her pregnancy. He tries to prove himself innocent in Pragya’s eyes and clear his Casanova image. Tanu refuses to show any proofs and asks him to believe her. She cries and tries to blackmail him emotionally. Abhi says Pragya didn’t know what he knows well. Tanu refuses to get the pregnancy test done again. Abhi gets angry on her. Tanu says she already got her test done going along with Pragya, and gets angry that Abhi is not trusting her. Pragya hears everything surprising. Abhi reveals to Pragya that Tanu forced him to marry her. This will come as a shocker for Pragya. Will Abhi prove his decency and innocence? Keep reading.



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