Debjani nods for Aseem’s proposal, yet tangled in knowing Dylan in Dilli Wali…



Dabbu/Debjani comes to know about Aseem’s proposal coming for her. She gets in dilemma thinking about Aseem and Dylan. She finds Aseem a humble man and better in virtues than Dylan, and still starts liking Dylan. She recalls how Dylan has taken care of her in the riots and even gets to know about Dylan believing in her talent. She tells Mamta that she is not sure of marriage at this time. LN supports Dabbu and gives her time to take her career ahead. Aseem wants to marry Dabbu for the property share he will get from LN.

Aseem convinces LN and Mamta by his fake goodness acting. While LN was worried as Aseem is Vicky’s brother, Mamta asks him to recall how Vicky has refused for dowry at the time of marriage. They recall Binny’s marriage which was stopped by her inlaws and they asked for dowry to proceed with the rituals. LN was not keen to accept their demands and Vicky turned into a self esteemed guy by refusing for dowry and explaining his parents that Binny will be his Laxmi, and he does not need anything else. Binny respects Vicky for that and thinks Vicky is a good man and is just helpless by facing financial problems. Binny does not know Vicky and Aseem’s plans to take their property. LN and Mamta convince Dabbu to marry Aseem, while Dylan and Dabbu are falling for each other. Dabbu likes Dylan, without knowing Dylan has been her hero all the while, of which Aseem took the credit. Will Dabbu come to know Aseem’s true intentions? Keep reading.



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