Suhani takes a major step to save Birla empire in Suhani Si…



Soumya tries to convince Krishna about Rakhi’s fake drama of getting Devi Maa in her. She tells Radhe that Rakhi is possessed by an evil spirit to expose her. Radhe gets thinking over his decision to marry Rakhi. Lalita gets worried for Rakhi and beats her. Rakhi gets troubled and has no option than to accept the truth. She tells them about her acting so that she can make them do everything as per her wish. Rakhi gets exposed and the family gets annoyed with her. Krishna thanks Soumya for bringing out the truth, as Rakhi was making unwanted demands to them by using the Devi Maa avatar.

On the other hand, Suhani opens an office area in the Birla House by cleaning the store room. She arranges a separate desk for Saurabh, Yuvraaj and Anuj. She pushes them to work and shows Dada ji’s cycle, which is special for Dadi. While the auction was being done, Suhani uses Dadi’s emotional attachment with the company Dada ji started. Yuvraaj, Saurabh and Anuj unite to save the company and promise Suhani that they will work together to repay all the loans and manage the financial crisis. Suhani gets glad and helps them by guiding them in their business. Rags and Menka get angry seeing Dadi favor Suhani in this step and plan to trouble Suhani. Suhani takes away all their savings to meet home expenses. Will Suhani be able to save the company in 15 days grace period? Keep reading.



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