Ahem and Gopi to remarry by Kokila’s happy nod in Saathiya…



Ahem has realized his feelings for Gopi and can do anything to save Gopi. He goes to a temple after seeing Gopi fighting with death. He asks pandit to do Vrath Savitri puja for Gopi and regrets a lot for being angry on Gopi. He repents to not understand her before and does the puja’s tough rituals himself. Mansi and Meera are shocked seeing him, and support Ahem in the puja. Mansi does this by heart and turns good to Ahem. She tells Ahem to unite with Gopi and she will be going away from him for once and all.


Ahem gets glad that Gopi has come out of her coma and is stable now. He apologizes and thanks her. He gets the food for Gopi and wanted Gopi to have it. Kokila finds the food spicy and scolds Ahem for bringing such spicy food for patient. Ahem asks Kokila for Gopi’s hand and Kokila refuses. Gopi gets moved by Ahem’s words and convinces Kokila to say yes. Ahem lifts Gopi and takes the wedding vows around the small diya. He makes her wear the mangalsutra and takes the wedding rounds. They get married again in the ICU. Meera has done a big mistake and regrets. She cries and apologizes to Ahem. Ahem’s love and trust have made Gopi fine. Will Gopi forgive Meera too? Keep reading.



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