Dylan saves Dabbu from Aseem’s tricks unknowingly in Dilli Wali…



While Aseem was planning to make Debjani his representative and take her in the journalists conference, he gets late and finds out that Dabbu has gone with Dylan. Chadda sends some goons after Dabbu to trouble her, so that LN agrees to sell off his bungalow to him. Dylan and Dabbu spend some good time on the way and Dabbu gets glad that he is not rude to her anymore. Aseem meets them in Shimla at the conference and tries to work out his plan. Dylan obstructs Aseem, knowing about his wrong past and protects Dabbu all the while. Dabbu and Dylan come together and she realizes her strong feelings for Dylan.

Aseem tells the hotel manager to make Dabbu drunk and he is reaching in some time. Dabbu gets drunk and dances. Dylan gets mesmerized seeing her. Aseem reaches the hotel and takes the room keys, thinking to work out his plan. On the other hand, LN slaps Chadda and kicks him out of his home. Chadda plans revenge on him by hurting Dabbu, so that LN cries blood tears and pays for the slap. Dylan gets Dabbu to his room and makes her rest. Aseem can’t figure out Dabbu and loses out to Dylan, who saves Dabbu unknowingly. Will Dabbu get to know Aseem’s reality? Keep reading.



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