Gunjan to plot against Geet; Baldev to support Veera



Baldev and Veera get against each other in Preeto’s matter. Veera does not understand why Baldev is bringing their rivalry in between the matter. Baldev tells Veera that he will not let her win and talks to the panchayat. They decide not to help Preeto. Veera gets saddened and comes to know about the money lender making indecent requests from Preeto. She slaps the man and challenges him that she will get Preeto’s land back from him, by exposing his true face. The man also decides to make Baldev kick out Veera from the pind, being sure of Baldev and Veera’s broken relation. The money lender goon tries to harm Veera for going against him. Veera tries to sell the harvest directly in markets to help Preeto’s financial problems, and stops Preeto from agreeing to money lender’s dirty tricks. Baldev gets to know about money lender’s attempt to hurt Veera, and he takes a stand to help Veera and Preeto.

Gunjan feels insecure seeing how Ranvi and Geet are bonding in their music rehearsals and events. She locks Geet in the makeup room, when Geet is called to perform on stage. Gunjan thinks to sing along Ranvi She tries to surprise Ranvi about her singing talent, and fails to impress him. Gunjan gets sad that she is unable to give him happiness and Ratan notices Gunjan’s changed behavior. Ranvi gets worried for Geet and Gunjan gets against Geet and Deepu. Will Geet make a place in Ranvi’s life? Keep reading.




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