Dadi to test Suhani’s loyalty; Krishna to get arrested in Suhani Si…



Yuvraaj pacifies Suhani seeing her worried, after everyone blames Krishna to be the thief. He suggests they can know the real culprit by the CCTV footage. They sit checking it and are stunned seeing Krishna taking the money from the drawer. Soumya shows great trust in Krishna. Suhani cries and talks to Soumya. Krishna is blamed for stealing cash from the office, when Birlas are facing the financial crisis. Suhani and Soumya do not believe the blame on Krishna. The police come to arrest Krishna, as all the evidence is against him. Soumya pleads Suhani to save Krishna. Suhani fails to stop his arrest and apologizes to Soumya. Krishna is taken away by the police.


Dadi plays safe as she has hidden the money and has put the blame on Krishna, to break the unity between Suhani and Soumya. Dadi does not wish Suhani to win in the task, as she wants to run the Birla house herself. Dadi fills Krishna’s ears against Soumya and Yuvraaj, and she tells everyone that Krishna has done this to take his revenge on Yuvraaj. How will Suhani prove Krishna innocent and find the truth? Keep reading.



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