Sanskaar’s extended drama to affect Swara and Laksh’s love in Swaragini




Ragini accepts Laksh’s love for Swara wholeheartedly. Ragini had asked Swara to accept Laksh’s love while she steps back. However Swara refuses to accept Laksh and makes it clear that she never had any feelings for Laksh. She says she can’t accept Laksh as he was Ragini’s ex-fiance. Ragini informs Laksh about Swara’s birthday tomorrow. She asks him to do something to make her birthday memorable and to make her believe on his love. But, Sanskaar doesn’t want to see Laksh and Swara together and creates hurdles so they don’t come close.

At first, he plans the kidnap of Ragini, who regards Laksh as her friend, and had told him no sorry and thank you between friends. Laksh inches to safeguard Ragini to fulfill the duty of a friend. Swara is hesitant to accept Laksh’s love with her Parvati Dadi too not liking him. Ragini helps Laksh and send Swara to the birthday party venue. Laksh arranges the private birthday party for Swara, with all the decorations. Will Sanskaar succeed to create distance between Swara and Laksh with his revenge minded plans? Keep reading


  1. laksya and swara are the best couple plzzz dono ki is jodi ko aur accha se banaw aur yeh sadeli ragini ko nikali serial se…


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