Subbu accuses Raman for selling off Ananya in Yeh Hai Mohabbatein


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Ishita has proved Subbu’s truth out and stops Simmi and Subbu’s marriage. She says Subbu is a big fraud and tells the entire truth. Subbu raises hand on her and holds her neck in anger. Everyone get shocked and stop Subbu. The truth of his revenge plans come out in light, and he promises the Bhallas that he will not let them stay in peace. He feels he has lost everything because of Bhallas and he is doing right with them. He feels Ishita can understand him when she knows the reason of his revenge.

Later on, Subbu blames Raman for selling Ananya to him for 15 lakhs. He has proved such evidences that Raman was selling his niece. Subbu has made this news reach the media channels and the Bhalla family panics, by Subbu’s evil trick which has ruined Raman’s image. They get worried. After Ishita has stopped Simmi and Subbu’s marriage, he uses the document signed by Bhallas. He takes revenge from them, after failing to marry Simmi. He spreads the news and Bhalla family gets tired answering the people. Raman gets angry seeing Simmi already upset. Raman says he will not spare Subbu. Simmi is also worried for Raman. Mr. Bhalla calms down Raman and asks him to act wise. The family believes Raman and Ishita promises them that she will sort this problem, as she has to settle scores with Subbu for hurting Simmi’s feelings. Will Ishita be able to solve this problem? Keep reading.



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