Arjun’s anger to descend by Radhika’s constant attempts in Manmarzian



Arjun pushes Radhika when she comes in his way to stop him from meeting Sam. Arjun runs to meet Sam and it’s a seconds away miss moment between them. Fate does not let Arjun meet Sam and he ends up being stuck with Radhika again. Sam and Neil leave the hotel and go for location hunting. Neil sees Sam’s believe in love still intact and her anger towards love because of Arjun. Sam asks Neil not to try again to rekindle her approach towards love as she is happy with just friendship in her life.

Arjun gets his annoyance out on Radhika, whereas she gets relieved knowing Sam has left. Radhika insists on making Arjun end his plannings. She asks Arjun not to run after Sam and understand the signs from the Lord, who is stopping him from meeting Sam. Arjun recalls Nandini and his revenge undone. He feels connected with Radhika’s innocence as she reminds him of precious relations. The next track will be showing Arjun’s inclination towards Radhika, though he limits himself to take revenge from Sam. Sam-Neil and Arjun-Radhika will be finding love between them in upcoming track. Will Arjun confide about his past with Radhika? Keep reading.



  1. One thing.. The makers want to end the show if they are indicating towards Arjun-Radhika love story.. Its due to their pairing that the TRP is 0.8 And next thing.. Only limited people like them..

    • I am sure TRP will be increased. You may not love to see Arjun and Radhika pair. But most of the viewers are expecting the day when Arjun Radhika pair will become closer to share their love. If the pair is Arjun sam means only they have to end the show.

  2. wonderful news ……. specially the last few lines abt arjun feeling close to radhu ….
    manmarziyan rockzzzz…….. continue ur wonderful acting chasni and neil……
    love ardhika and sameil …….

  3. waiting for the day when ardhika unites . ilike sam and neil together ,but 4 arjun rahhika is suitable and they look awesome together.

  4. first didnot like arjun n radhika….now i am addited to them……..bcause they r opposite sites.n look damn cute together.arjun the nagry man n radhila the innocente girl


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