Uma to halt Amaya’s love inclination; Rudra gets friendly with Chobey family in Tere Sheher Mein


tere sheher22

Rudra gets to know about Sneha being Gajanand’s daughter and tells Kaushalya that he will plan to strengthen his roots in Chobey Nivaas to make them against Sneha forever. He plans and sends goons to tease Neeti. He saves Neeti and starts bonding with her. Neeti invites him home and introduces him to Chobey family. They get thankful to Rudra for saving Neeti from the goons and Rudra makes a good image in their eyes. He tries to find out the reason about Sneha parting from her family and leaving Banaras. The next track will be showing Dev’s entry in the show, who was once related to Sneha, and holds hatred for Rishi Mathur. Amaya and Mantu’s romance has already begun in the show and the track will show Uma realizing Mantu’s feelings for Amaya, which even he did not acknowledge till now.


Uma sees Amaya and Mantu chatting, and he lies to Uma. She gets his phone and checks her messages, and gets angry seeing Amaya acting very friendly with Mantu. Amaya praises Mantu infront of Jaz. Jaz jokingly says she would have married Mantu if she was of this age. Amaya says Mantu is very nice person and holds her feelings to herself. Uma says Mantu belongs to just her and she will never let Amaya snatch her Mantu. What will Uma do to keep Amaya away from Mantu? Keep reading.

Will Amaya and Mantu come together ?
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