Ishita and Raman hunt for Shagun’s twisted truth in Yeh Hai Mohabbatein


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Ishita surprises Raman in Mumbai and they get into an argument. She gets mistaken that Raman was expecting someone else in his room. She feels he has cheated her and starts crying. Raman tries hard to explain the scenario to her and she stays very angry on him. Raman then clears to her about spotting Shagun in the business party, and shockingly she was there as an escort. Ishita gets a big shock and they both feel Shagun is doing this to earn a living. Ishita gets hurt thinking Shagun has chosen the wrong path and they have to find her. She supports Raman and pacifies him. Shagun is not aware of Ishita’s presence in Mumbai and thinks to contact Raman to clear the things in his mind.

Raman and Ishita come to the police station to find Shagun. The inspector says he has already told Raman that Shagun’s name is not in the lost. Ishita asks for NGO’s contact or they can talk to any senior inspector. She is worried that Raman has seen Shagun in anti prostitution raid. Raman is terrified and wants to find Shagun soon. Shagun has changed her name to Ruhi Bhalla. Shagun is shown running a NGO and helping women by pulling them out of escort business. She changed her name to Ruhi to make her daughter’s name shine, and get respect in her new life. The inspector stops Raman and says someone has left a request for him. He hands over the envelope to him by Shagun. Raman and Ishita’s romance has halt again. She dons the Jagga Jasoos cap again to get clues about Shagun. Will they reach Shagun and know the entirely different truth? Keep reading.


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