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Ishwar brings Chakor to Arjun’s marriage and sees the goon in the haveli. He does not sense Bhaiya ji’s plan. Bhaiya ji asks Babu and his goon to enter his haveli as helpers and kill Chakor, by which Bhagya’s marriage function will turn into Chakor’s demise event. Babu’s goon targets Chakor and misses to trap her. Chakor makes Bhagya ready for the functions and everyone is the haveli look very happy. Later, Chakor gets kidnapped by the goon and Manohar takes this as a chance to rummage through Ishwar’s home and office. Abha comes to know about Manohar’s presence at her home and informs Ishwar. After many hurdles, Ishwar frees Chakor and gets her along to make her participate in the running race. Bhaiya ji targets Ishwar and Chakor as they both are each other’s strength.

Chakor to win sports association race after many hurdles in Udaan

Tu Mera Hero:

Panchi gets regretful to change Titu’s personality as she did not know Titu won’t be able to balance between work and life. She asks him to keep happiness while doing the work. Cheeni and Golu’s wedding day comes and some guest comes to halt the wedding, which brings a big twist in the show. Vaishaili tries to get the stick from Panchi and does not want Titu’s talent to come in everyone’s eyes. She fails to do so, as everyone get to know Titu’s innocence and real poetic talent. What will Panchi do after knowing her mistake of disbelieving Titu ?

Panchi regrets to bring a change in Titu in Tu Mera Hero

Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi:

Ranvir has a doubt on Ishani that she has not lost her memory. He decides to check if she really has memory loss, and gets romantic to see if she reciprocates to his love or not. He holds her and gets closer to her, while Ishani isn’t in a mood to romance as she is feigning memory loss. Ishani couldn’t tell him about her true feelings as she is committed to Shikhar. She silently sets the room on fire and starts shouting saying that their room caught fire. Ranveer gets shocked and tries to set off the fire. With Ishani setting the room on fire, Ranvir’s plan flops to know the truth about Ishani feigning memory loss.

Tere Sheher Mein:

Everyone rushes to Bhole Baba’s temple in Varanasi. Even Mantu, Amaya, her sisters, Uma, Rudra are running and trying to climb the height mountain temple. The one who reaches first will tie the thread on the temple, and their wish will be fulfilled, but they have to cross many hurdles. Amaya participated in the race as she has a mannat to get her love. Amaya wants to do the Shravan puja well so that she gets the groom of her choice. She tells Uma that she loves Mantu, while Uma challenges her to get Mantu’s love and the best will win.

Thapki Pyaar Ki:

Thapki and Dhruv dance in the party, after Sakshi ruins Thapki’s sandal heel. Thapki looks at him and feels shy. She is in love with him secretly. They romance as they dance on the paper. Tapki and Dhruv get close in the dance. She stumbles and Dhruv holds her on his feet, as her sandals trouble her. They rock the party by winning the paper dance round. Dhruv’s mum Vasundara has started liking her, and Dhruv is also bowled over by her love. Dhruv gets over excited after realization of love and dances after his lonely lifestyle of 5 years. Very soon Thapki will get married to Dhruv and then the story will take a new turn from there.


Akshara follows her son Naksh and is spying on him. She wants to catch him red handed. She gets shocked seeing him taking loan from Bakshi, and stops Naksh. Bakshi warns her that she didn’t know about him. Akshara gives him a good reply. She gets the loan cancelled and takes Naksh’s home. Naksh wants to help his parents financially and open a new Restaurant “Krishna”, but Akshara wants him to focus on studies. Akshara gets angry and tells Naksh that its his age to study, not to business. She stops him from getting in loans mater. She scolds Bakshi and asks him not to fool Naksh. She says he has blinded Naksh by profits’ promise and tried to dupe him. Naksh hears them. Akshara asks Naksh to study and not do any business. Naksh’s plan to open the hotel for Naitik flops and he gets sad. Naksh fears Naitik’s reaction and asks Akshara not to tell Naitik about his step to take loan.


Salman Khan will be appearing in YHM soon. Ishita got a friend in Mumbai, that’s Bhajrangi Bhaijaan. The Bhalla family is excited seeing Salman and they pose for pics. They dance on the movie’s song Selfie lele re….. The family then goes to have icecreams at the road side stalls and enjoy a lot. They roam in Mumbai and see the city well. They have icecreams on Ruhi’s request. Romi and Sarika have got together after a long separation, and they celebrate by going out together and spending some time. Romi will be marrying Sarika in the upcoming track.


Paridhi and Gopi get into a major argument because of Meera. Kokila gets unwell by seeing them fight so much. She has sworn that she will change Meera and also make Paridhi and Rashi’s relation. She will make Paridhi realize that its not Rashi’s mistake in parents’ fight, and Paridhi has to accept Rashi atleast for humanity. Meera plans to hurt Kokoila by using Paridhi’s annoyance with family. Kokila falls down by the rope fixed in the store room, and gets hurt by the metal stacks. Gopi rushes to help her. Kokila’s leg gets much hurt and she tells Gopi that she will not leave the culprit who did this. There will be many twists in the show as Modi family will be getting attacked by some unknown person.

Mere Angne Mein:

Riya dances and enjoys her own haldi ceremony. She looks lovely with haldi smeared on her face. Suddenly her dadi cries, and they bring icecream candy to stop her from crying. Anupam dad gets emotional and hugs Riya. Riya’s family is very emotional, but Riya’s inlaws are big drama family. Sarla tears Amma ji saree and starts blaming her for tearing the saree. Riya is happy with her marriage rituals, oblivious to Sarla and Amma ji’s true nature.


Sara Khan as Bhojpuri actress entered the show. She slaps Bhabhi maa shocking everyone. Bhabhi Maa gets shocked to have been insulted by a dancer, and slaps her back. Actually Sara was dancing in the party and tries to woo one of the son, Bhabhi maa tries to stop her and gets slapped by Sara. Actually she is taking revenge as a Bhojpuri actress. She insults Bhabhi maa and reminds her that she is not afraid to her. Sara’s entry will bring a new twist in the show.

Dream Girl:

Ayesha plays her game safe and replaces the fake knife for the scene with real one. Manav explains the scene to Laxmi and says the character Vidya will slit her wrist once her love Raj refuses to acknowledge her love. Laxmi and Samar give their best shot and she cuts her wrist, and faints by the blood loss. Everyone on the sets think she is still in her character and then spot the blood oozing her from her wrist. Samar gets much worried and lifts her. He asks Manav to call ambulance and they rush her to hospital. Samar blames himself for Laxmi’s state. Ayesha did not change yet and is fooling Karan well, by hiding her truth from Manav and Samar. Samar breaks down as he still loves Laxmi, and Karan asks him to forgive Laxmi, and forget the past for her sake. Samar is near agreeing and Ayesha brings Karan close to Laxmi at the hospital, to make Samar away again. Laxmi admits her love to Samar. Manav asks Samar to realize Laxmi’s worth. Will Samar accept her love this time?

Jamai Raja:

Misha put efforts to evade her crimes from Sid and hastily gets hold of the evidence, which makes Sid get cognizant of the Shiv’s presumed killer’s actions at the hospital. Shiv’s last calls to DD hint at Misha’s role in breaking Sid-Roshni’s marriage, and Shiv’s earnest message on saving the marriage. This leads to put impetus to ascertain Misha’s medical condition, and putting the onus on doctors to get clarity on her. Misha knows on how she is faking her memory loss and her obsession-driven love for Sid. Will the doctors and Sid come to know of Misha’s fake medical condition and crimes ? How about the closure on Shiv’s death if it is indeed the truth ?

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