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Median zing spoilers

Kumkum Bhagya:


Aaliya wonders with Pragya’s smart move. Purab was about to marry Bulbul, but Aaliya turned up as the bride at the Mandap. The family is not aware of Aaliya’s presence behind the veil. Aaliya plays her ploy, but the question mark persists on her marriage. Aaliya thinks once marriage gets done then nothing can be done. She wears similar bridal dress as Bulbul. Abhi gets doubt on Aaliya as the bride and it has to be seen whether she reveals her face after the marriage or before. On another front, Pragya speaks to herself on the sacrifice for family’s sake and informs Dadi on doing the abortion.

Aaliya takes Bulbul’s place to marry Purab; Bulbul’s death news shocks everyone in KumKum Bhagya


The next track in the show will be having a Shiv Abhishek and a play in Hanuman Gali. It is a play about Shiv and his two wives Sati and Parvati. Sandhya gets the role of Sati and is jealous of Laali doing the role of Parvati. She tells Sooraj that she will be doing both the roles and she can’t bear his second wife even while acting. Sooraj convinces her to play just Sati and she can’t play double roles in the play. He explains her that she will be his wife forever and calms her growing fears. He explains her how Shiv’s wife Sati sacrificed herself and later his second wife Parvati was a reincarnation of Sati. Sandhya’s Mission Mahabali is going ahead at good pace with Himanshu going to take her for her mannat. Bharat and Sandhya take Himanshu and board the train, where they plan to grab him alone.

Sandhya bids bye to Sooraj; Mission Mahabali initiates in Diya Aur…

Mere Angne Mein:

Riya has confessed her love to Shivam. Shivam feels sorry for himself as he could not accept Riya’s love. He feels Riya deserves a better life and she won’t be able to adjust in his home dominated by Shanti. Shivam tells Kaushalya that he will not sell off Raghav’s bike, as he has memories with it. Kaushalya blesses him. Riya manages to talk to her boss and admits her mistake, by which Shivam gets his job back. Shivam gives the good news to Kaushalya and his sisters. They silently celebrate in Shanti’s absence. Anupam asks Riya to give an answer to Sarla’s son’s proposal, as Sarla is calling him again and again. He says he fears that Sarla can refuse later if they make the delay.

Shivam to assert his love for Riya; Sarla plans to separate them in Mere Angne Mein


Ishani continues to stay in RV’s home while enacting the memory loss: partial amnesia condition in order to expose Ritika’s truth at an opportune time. Ishani tries to come close to RV so as to make him stay away from Ritika. She engages in a small tiff and fight with RV and tries to not listen to him. She was about to fall after not listening to RV’s pleas but he helps by holding her. Ishani has her plans active and shows also her jealousy for Ritika. After saving her from the fall, RV shows his concern since she recently got injured and now recovering. He continues to be blinded about Ritika and wants to be on her side because of their friendship. With Shikhar on her side, Ishani gradually tries to trap Ritika in exposing herself and blurting out the truth. Ritika develops worry with Ishani’s presence and her crimes: Falguni’s murder, fake identity of her unborn Child: Sharman instead of Chirag, trying to kill Ishani, and thus put efforts to cover-up all her crimes. Will RV ever come to know of Ritika’s truth and crimes?

Ishani compels RV to show concern for her; Ritika goes on with cover-up, and believe: ‘Cheaters won’t get caught’


Naksh, Naira and Mishti give a good surprise to Naitik and Akshara. The family gets super happy seeing the surprise in the lawn, where kids call them. The relations turn sweet by the kids’ efforts. Naksh did not get admission in the course and wants to take a new route of business. He plans to open a hotel for Naitik, knowing how much hotel Krishna was close to Naitik’s heart. Naksh is celebrating parents’ day and sings Papa Kehta Hai ….. Naira gives this idea to Naksh to end end Naitik’s annoyance. Mishti also supports Naksh and Naira. Naksh brings Mishti and Naira close by this event. He has planned many surprises. Naksh and Naira perform dance and they cut a cake together with elders. Naksh uploads special pics on the website and brings the laptop. He surprises them with elder’s childhood pics. They all cherish the old moments and take selfies before wrapping the celebrations. Karishma and Naman get happy by the cute function and Mishti’s happiness along Naira.

Tere Sheher Mein:

Rudra spoils the food made by Sneha and adds plenty of chilli powder in it. He wants to make Mantu and Rama run away and never look back at Mathur family. Rudra understands Mathurs are getting support from Mantu and Rama. He serves them the palak paneer dish which turns out to be very spicy. Mantu and Rama take the first bite and understand someone has done mischief. Mantu ruins Rudra’s plan and forces him to have the same dish. He acts sweet and makes Rudra have dinner along them, feeding him the palak paneer wittily. Rudra’s face turns red. Mantu and Rama have a laugh by teaching Rudra a lesson.

Amaya and Uma confess love for Mantu in Tere Sheher Mein


Meera adds phenyl in the butter milk and threatens the family. Jigar stops her from drinking it. Meera does not take the blame on her that Paridhi has got ill by drinking the same. Paridhi gets her anger out on Gopi for forcing her to have the butter milk. Kokila raises hand on Paridhi on her bad remarks on Gopi. Gopi holds her hand and stops Kokila. She defends Paridhi and knows Meera is at fault. Kokila will be the one to find who has added phenyl in the butter milk. Meera puts the blame on Gopi that she has made Paridhi drink it. Kokila understands Meera’s plan. Jigar is hurt seeing Paridhi and scolds Meera, saying she hates them and she is the one who has done this. Meera misbehaves with him and says its his problem if he can’t get his wife cured. She says she will drink the butter milk and prove herself innocent.

Kokila ignores Meera’s growing drama; Ahem to support Meera in Saathiya…


Raman and Ishita come to the police station to find Shagun. The inspector says he has already told Raman that Shagun’s name is not in the lost. Ishita asks for NGO’s contact or they can talk to any senior inspector. She is worried that Raman has seen Shagun in anti prostitution raid. Raman is terrified and wants to find Shagun soon. Shagun has changed her name to Ruhi Bhalla. The inspector stops Raman and says someone has left a request for him. He hands over the envelope to him by Shagun. Raman and Ishita’s romance has halt again. She dons the Jagga Jasoos cap again to get clues about Shagun.

Ishita and Raman hunt for Shagun’s twisted truth in Yeh Hai Mohabbatein


Suhani is worried after Rohan gives up in the court case and does not defend Yuvraaj. The court takes a break. Rohan then gets the case in Yuvraaj’s favor by his cleverness. Suhani and Yuvraaj have a samosa party at home, after he gets free from the murder blame. Suhani likes samosas a lot and he brings it for her happiness. Suhani gets Soumya’s call and he get annoyed with her. He gets serious and argues with her, asking her to end all ties with Soumya. He blames Soumnya to be responsible for all the problems in their lives. Suhani says she can’t cut her friendship with Soumya, which makes him angry. Rohan finds her worried. He puts some efforts and brings samosas for her to cheer her up. Rohan makes Suhani smile by his witty lines.


Swara is drunk and not able to go out of her room. She wants to rush in her engagement knowing Lakshya is waiting for her. She did not drink but Sanskaar has made her drink forcibly. Ragini planned this with Sanskaar. He changes his getup and meets Swara in Marwadi disguise. Ragini and Sanskaar stop Swara from reaching her engagement with Lakshya, and add some drugs in her food. Swara consumes the food and she starts acting weird. Ragini is falling to more low levels by playing tricks with her sister. Swara hits Sanskaar on his head by the vase and tries to pull his moustache to see his real face. Ragini comes there and acts to show concern for Swara. She wakes up Sanskaar and asks him whether Swara has seen his face. Sanskaar feeds her wine to show she is drunk, and not is in effect of any drugs. Ragini spoils Swara’s image in Lakshya’s eyes to make him regret to love Swara and come back to Ragini.


Radhika gets unwilling to stay at home and asks Saral to let her go in Sam’s engagement and stop it. Saral scolds her seeing her stubbornness and thinks Radhika is after Arjun. Saral does not allow her and Radhika still goes to stop Sam’s engagement, realizing Arjun is hiding Nandini’s truth. She takes the torn pic with Nandini’s face still seen in it. Neil makes Sam ready by making her wear her jewelry and also does her hairdo. He makes her look more beautiful and keeps his friendship well. He makes her ready for her engagement and wants to see her happy. He is hurt that Sam loves Arjun. He is selfless and smiles seeing love in her heart for Arjun. Sam looks gorgeous and he flirts with her in his friendly style. Neil was confused to choose her accessories and turns into her brides’ maid. Neil wishes to leave from her life once she marries Arjun, but the twist comes as Neil’s way gets cleared, thanks to Radhika.

Neil turns bridesmaid for Sam; Radhika brings Nandini’s truth out in Manmarzian

Qubool Hai:

Sanam believes she has married Shaad but the truth she has married Aahil, with Shaad sacrificing his love. The wedding night comes and Sanam is made to get intoxicated. She gets high and loses her senses. She tries to come close to Shaad in her room. Shaad sincerely tries his best to stay away from her and runs out of the room. But she tries to not let him leave. Will Sanam get to know of Shaad’s sacrifice and her marriage with Aahil?


Actress Pratyusha Banerjee is going to enter the show as a witch Mohini. Simar’s family has put an Ad for their outhouse and after seeing it Mohini – the witch and her aunt comes to Simar’s home. At the onset, Mohini tries to befriend Simar and only gradually reveal her mysterious and witchcraft powers. On other front, Simar and Prem’s marriage going to take place yet another time after they faced many setbacks and troubles in recent times due to Rajveer.

Thapki Pyaar Ki:

Krishnakant and Poonam ask Thapki to buy a new dress for her first ever office party. They go for shopping and Diwakar spots them there. He starts taunting them indirectly and insults Thapki. He asks Thapki to try a bridal dress and reminds how he has left her in the mandap. Thapki cries and gets her family’s support. Aditi says she has to bring out Diwakar’s truth in Nimmi’s eyes and break this alliance, as Diwakar is undeserving to marry any nice girl. Thapki buys a wonderful dress and leaves for the party. Dhruv calls Thapki asking her whether she is coming in the office party. Thapki answers positive and he gets waiting for her. Dhruv gets mesmerized seeing her entry in the party, and everyone stare at Thapki’s pretty looks.

Shastri Sisters:

Anu is attacked by Kajal when she is on the way to the farmhouse. Anu manages to escape from the car and leaves her dupatta as a clue for her family to reach here. She runs away from Kajal and reaches the end of the cliff. Kajal aims gun at her and Anu tries to save herself. She pushes Kajal and tries to run. Kajal fights with Anu and pushes her off the cliff. Rajat comes there on nick of the time to save Anu. Rajat holds Anu’s hand to pull her up, and yet her hand slips off. Anu will be shown hurt and missing for a while. Kajal gets arrested by Guggal for her murder attempt on Anu and Sareens expose all Kajal’s plans in Guggal’s eyes. The possible new twist will be Anu’s memory loss and one year leap in the show.

Sadda Haq:

Randhir will be going to realize Sanyukta’s affection for him, which will be improving their love and comfort quotient once again. Sanyukta and Randhir come face-to-face and share an intimate romantic moment with both getting drenched in water. While Randhir showers her love with earnest feelings, and on the other hand Sanyukta feels relieved and relaxed in his company. Will Sanyukta and Randhir continue to steer ahead in their love amidst the testing times ahead ? On another front, Randhir works diligently to make a mark and find acceptance and sponsorship for his designs and also to mark his re-entry in the dream team. He puts extra efforts so as to accomplish his goal. Will Randhir succeed in re-joining the dream team under ASR’s supervision ?

SanDhir to reinforce Love amid testing times in Sadda Haq…


  1. Piya Rangrezz spoilers please. Everyday the spoilers are out for Yhm and kumkum bhagya then why not piya rangrezz. Please can I have the spoilers for this show on a daily basis. Please spoilers for piya rangrezz.

  2. Sadda haq spoiler pls…again no spoiler of sadda haq why u ppl always put spolers only for some shows everytime…what about the others shows??? Their fans are also waiting for spoiler….


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