Sandhya finds unseen truth of Garjana Sanghatan in Diya Aur…



Sooraj sees Sandhya everywhere and is getting restless. The family is hiding about Sandhya’s death from him, as Sooraj did not accept it by heart. Sooraj still believes Sandhya will come back and has strong belief in Lord and his love. Sandhya is battling with the unseen truth in Garjana Sanghatan, where every kid is taught to take revenge from Indian government and police department. The children are taught about crimes, arms and revenge since childhood and their minds are molded to stand against the law. The people of that village think Garjana is seeking justice for them. They don’t know the entire truth of what the Sanghatan does.


Chandra Shekhar/Chandu has hidden this real truth from his mother Yashoda also and is head of the Garjana Sanghatan. Yashoda starts liking Sandhya and wants to get her married to Chandra. Sandhya knows his as Shekhar and doubts that he can be Chandu too. Chandu does not have doubt on Sagarika as she looks very simple. Sandhya then comes to know about Shekhar being Chandu and starts her acting to win him over, to get to know of his next plans to support Garjana. Bhabho is hurt seeing Sooraj losing senses and wants to get him married to the soonest. Sooraj gets worried seeing Sandhya’s face in the lantern and cries recalling her death by getting burnt in the blast. Bhabho consoles him and wants to erase all memories of Sandhya from his heart. Will Sandhya be able to win Chandu’s trust? Keep reading.


  1. Some how they always manage to get some goo plots, but some how I feel the family shud be made to handle one stress at a time, Emilys marriage etc
    some thots penned down, some outbursts scibbled


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