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Median zing spoilers


Gopi cries and there is again some reason. This time she has a motive to know what is Kokila’s worry. She makes Kokila realize that she gets hurt when her loved ones hide anything from her. She melts Kokila’s heart as she wants to know the secret of Kokila an Gaura’s past. Kokila cries and tells her the past of her best friend Gaura, and tells about doing some mistake in the past being mistaken and this has affected Gaura’s life. Gopi realizes Gaura is very close to Kokila’s heart, as Kokila’s tears reflect her repentance. Meera’s marriage will be happening in the next track and lots of suspense is build up in the show.


Raman is sad and crying in his car. Ishita pacifies him and tries to console him about the fight with Mrs. Bhalla. Mrs. Bhalla sends Aloo parathas for Raman and Ishita shows it to Raman. She says mummy ji has made it for him, and asks him to forget the fight and have not any ego. Raman shows anger and refuses to eat it. She leaves the parathas there and goes. She comes back and sees Raman eating the pararthas. She gets relieved and informs Mrs. Bhalla that Raman’s anger is short lived. Ruhi cries thinking how the family is not believing Raman. She feels sad seeing the family breaking. She tries to clear things between Raman and Romi.

Piya Rangrezz:

Sher Singh is very angry, as he got a construction contract. His mum Bhanwari smakes him lose the contract and Sher fumes. He is walking on the right path and finding difficulty in succeeding. It has to be seen how Sher controls his anger and makes Shraddha’s love his strength.


Chandra Shekhar/Chandu has hidden this real truth from his mother Yashoda also and is head of the Garjana Sanghatan. Yashoda starts liking Sandhya and wants to get her married to Chandra. Sandhya knows his as Shekhar and doubts that he can be Chandu too. Chandu does not have doubt on Sagarika as she looks very simple. Sandhya then comes to know about Shekhar being Chandu and starts her acting to win him over, to get to know of his next plans to support Garjana. Bhabho is hurt seeing Sooraj losing senses and wants to get him married to the soonest. Sooraj gets worried seeing Sandhya’s face in the lantern and cries recalling her death by getting burnt in the blast. Bhabho consoles him and wants to erase all memories of Sandhya from his heart.

Sandhya finds unseen truth of Garjana Sanghatan in Diya Aur…


Radhika can’t wait to know the truth and goes to Arjun to confront him. Nandini takes Sam there and asks her to see how Radhika is stopping Arjun and cornering him. Sam gets angered and asks whats the matter. Radhika could not clear the things from Arjun, and Nandini makes a big scene as per her plan with Saral. She proves Radhika likes Arjun and is cooking all stories to make Arjun and Sam separated. Radhika tells Sam that Nandini is not a nice lady and even Arjun has some plans. She says Arjun is not right for her, and was doing her duty of a good friend. Radhika asks Sam not to believe Nandini. Sam slaps Radhika and gets angry on her, doubting that Radhika is eyeing Arjun.

Radhika gets slapped by Sam; Arjun turns impatient in Manmarzian


Suhani goes to shopping with Rohan since Yuvraaj denies to accompany her. He is upset with her. Suhani waits for Yuvraaj, still feeling he would come. Rohan is happy in her presence and started liking Suhani. Yuvraaj didn’t came as he had a fight with her, when the marriage CD got broken. Yuvraaj is having misunderstanding with Suhani and Rohan’s growing friendship and is angry.


Uma and Amaya visit the fortune teller and has high belief that his prediction will be close o their fate. Uma challenges Amaya to know the fate and then the losing one will be out of Mantu’s life. They both agree to this condition and meet him. Mantu does not know about Uma and Amaya’s love. He has started loving Amaya and believes he is not suitable for her. Later, Uma is seen dancing much so as to win Mantu’s heart. She also prepares wedding card and other pre-marriage activities. She is eager to get married with Mantu. Will Uma’s plans to marry Mantu succeed?

Shastri Sisters:

Anu is shocked seeing Rajat and Devyaani marrying. She thinks about Devyaani’s crush on Rajat before and finds her very happy with him. She decides to leave from their lives, as her comeback can ruin their lives. She still questions over Rajat’s behavior and the way he has left his hand. She calms her questions and starts leaving from there. The imposter is happy that no one has identified him, and is cheating Devyaani. He thinks even Rajat’s seniors are fooled by him and he can get all required confidential data from them easily. He resumes his work and tries to get the important files. Will Anu be able to expose the imposter?

Kumkum Bhagya:

Abhi tells Dadi that he is the father of Tanu’s baby and shocks her. He fails to keep it hidden for more. Abhi is told to leave the home by Dadi and agrees. Pragya doesn’t want him to leave but he couldn’t listen to her. She speaks of his importance in the home. Pragya asks Abhi to stay back and tries changing Dadi’s decision.

Badtameez Dil:

Meher is tricked to attend the award night by Nishi since her first stance didn’t have intentions to comply with Abeer. There are ho st of events that take place during the night. Abeer at first gets into his frustrated zone and then agitates Meher. This leads to Meher having hard time with both arguing much. During their heated arguments, she falls into the swimming pool. Abeer also finds himself in the pool to assist Meher and decides to drop her home. But their destiny has something else to present as they find themselves in each other’s company close to each other after accidentally getting locked inside some place, with their Nok-jhok and bickering also playing its part. Nonetheless, the question, whether they have really moved on post their seperation continues to hover around, and it looks certainly the answer is ‘No’.

Badtameez Dil: Abeer & Meher come close because of destiny, chance circumstances

Sadda Haq:

The Sadda Haq and Swim Team actor and stars are coming together for a reunion on the occasion of Friendship day to be celebrated on 3rd August 2015. To make it more eventful, Rey aka actor Kunwar Amar, who last portrayed in the role of Rey in Dil Dosti Dance… will be coming to join them and making the event memorable.

Rey aka actor Kunwar Amar in Sadda Haq and Swim Team’s special friendship day episode

Dance Plus:

Dance Plus, the new dance reality show going to kickstart from tomorrow (26th July, 2015) onwards with Remo D’souza (super judge), Shakti Mohan, Dharmesh, Summet as dance captains. With both individual and group performers showcasing splendid and dashing performances, the dance quotient is really high, and the performers have the zeal that show they are indeed born to dance.

Magic of Dance + in Youtube 360 degree environment:
[youtube id=]


RV takes care of Ishani because of her partial memory loss condition as told by the doctor. They get closer and try to build their relation, but then realizes and moves away. RV gets upset and talks about going far from her, which makes her upset. Shikhar on the other hand starts to develop insecurities with RV showering love to Ishani and gets drunk. He collides with RV’s car and tells him that Ishani’s memory loss might be feigned. This shocks RV, who also gets confused and couldn’t comprehend on what he should do – whether to confront Ishani, or wait to get more clarity. Meanwhile, the unspoken war between Ishani and Ritika inches ahead with seven days challenge with both in a tussle to outdo other, and vowing to reveal each other’s truth – Ritika’s truth on crimes vs. Ishani feigning memory loss. Ritika gets into aggressive mode when Ishani’s family comes to RV’s home and wants to evict them from home. RV continues to be carrying mixed attitude towards Ishani, sometimes showing angry mode and then coming to shower care when needed. He lifts Ishani as she gets hurt with leg sprain after their arguments going berserk for some period.

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