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Dharam has kept a fast for Shiv ji. Dharam does the havan at home. Dharam has kept fast and does havan for Kokila’s welfare and wants to thank Shiv ji that Kokila has come back safe. Kokila gets impressed by Dharam. Everyone become part of the puja. Kokila comes to meet Dharam, and feeds food to him to end his fast. Gaura stops Kokila and says I m still alive. Kokila says Dharam is hungry since 48 hours and what mother’s duty did you do till now. She feeds food to Dharam and ends his fast. Gaura hides Madhuben and sends Kokila from her house.


Mata ji brings a hunter angrily and says she will either beat herself or Simar. Prem says I won’t let Mata ji do this. Mata ji keeps the condition that she will punish Simar, or herself. Simar asks Mata ji to get anger out on her. Mata ji is beating Simar with hunter. Prem cries seeing all this and can’t bear this sight. He tries to stop Mata ji. Simar does not oppose Mata ji and silently bears the punishment. Mata ji then asks Simar to make 1000 samosas in one day and creates troubles for her. Prem apologizes to Simar, as he has seen the tortures on Simar and could not save her from Mata ji.


Swara’s Grah pravesh is done and she got a new challenge too. Swara has to deal with Kavya now. All the family is standing to welcome Swara. She has come home by all rituals, everyone is happy with her, as she saved Annapurna from going jail. Swara has turned savior for them. Swara comes to Maheshwari house. Sanskaar and Swara step inside the house after Grah pravesh. Kavya got warning from Swara. Swara threatens Kavya, that she will create troubles for her, but Kavya can’t take anyone’s threats and reacts angrily.

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Tashan E Ishq:

Kunj and Twinkle have a romantic moment. Twinkle falls over Kunj and is unable to get up. They both lie down on the ground and laugh. They are so close and start arguing, as they don’t know when they fell down from the bed. Twinkle asks how did I fall down. Kunj says I don’t know, get up, you got fat. He starts evaluating her weight. Twinkle taunts him for annoying her. While their eye lock starts, Biji comes in their room and sees them. Their romance turns into yoga. Kunj and Twinkle tell Biji that they were doing yoga and cook up a story.


Shabnam is punished by Roshni and Sid. She is getting many slaps. Roshni slaps Shabnam. Sid does not want to give her any chance now. Shabnam tried to get bone marrow transplant of Roshni, without consent. Shabnam’s her plan failed as everyone come to know of it. Sid says I knew what Shabnam will do next and was alert to prevent her from hurting Roshni.

Kumkum Bhagya:

Pragya argues with Abhi and says you know this child is of someone else, you wanted to take revenge from me and gave your name to this child. Abhi slaps Pragya angrily. Tanu says I wanted to do abortion and Abhi stopped me. She hugs Abhi. Pragya looks on sadly, holding her cheek. Abhi united with Tanu. Tanu says I told Pragya that Abhi will marry me. Abhi consoles Tanu. Abhi was helpless to slap Pragya. Tanu and Abhi are together, and Pragya is alone. This turns out to be Pragya’s dream. Pragya knows Tanu will get Abhi anyhow and is scared to lose Abhi. Pragya will bring the truth out soon, then Pragya and Abhi will unite soon.


Dhaani gets tensed hearing Raja Awasthi’s name from Viplav. She recalls her former inlaws. Kanak tells Dhaani that Shalini got a proposal from a rich family, who are Dhaani’s former inlaws. Dhaani gets shocked realizing Shalini’s marriage is fixed with her former brother in law Raja Awasthi. Dhaani’s former mother in law has also come in her life again, and got friendly with Kanak. Dhaani gets scared and now the track will be showing Dhaani’s past life. Will Viplav be able to safeguard Dhaani from upcoming troubles?


Yamini’s truth will be coming out soon. Yamini is the fifth person who killed the Naags. The murders were done inorder to get the Naagmanis. Shivanya and Sesha are raging to find that fifth person, and lay a trap to catch the killer. Shivanya says the fifth killer is very dangerous. Yamini tries to get the Naagmani and will be getting exposed infront of the Naagins. Yamini aims to kill Sesha.

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Dadi and Barbie have conspired and made Bhavna back out from surrogacy. Dadi shows concern for Bhavna and tells her decision that Barbie will be doing surrogacy, Barbie will be giving birth to Yuvraaj and Suhani’s child. She tells Yuvraaj that this is her final decision and she does not want them to argue anymore. She asks Yuvraaj and Suhani to not tell this to anyone and keep this to themselves, so that the news does not spread.


Niddhi turns Raman’s company’s investor as well as financial advisor. She now helps Raman in tackling with police interrogation too. Niddhi acts protective of Raman and covers up his crime of pushing Ishita off the cliff. While Niddhi wanted Ishita to get hanged, its Raman who is expressing more happiness. Raman brings Niddhi to Bhalla house. They both living together, much to family’s shock. Raman tells the family that he is enjoying the best moments of his life with Niddhi. He asks Shagun to manage the kids. Things start getting ugly at Bhalla house, by Raman’s strange behavior.

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