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Meanwhile, Ruhi goes to her new flat arranged by Niddhi and gets surprised seeing Ishita. Ishita does not recognize her. Ishita asks have we met earlier, I think I have seen you. Ruhi tries to avoid Ishita and tells Ishita that she is new in this city. Ishita does not identity Ruhaan’s face seeing Ruhi, by seeing the long hair. Ruhi shifts to the new flat as PG. She scolds the agent for making her share the flat. She then agrees to stay for just one day and asks him to arrange new flat for her. Ruhi acts rude to Ishita. Ishita smiles seeing her. Ruhaan has turned into Ruhi finally. Ruhi is her real form now. There will be much drama with both Ruhi and Ishi Maa staying together.


Akshara and Varsha have gone to Rishikesh to do a special puja to find Akshara’s lost daughter Naira back. Naira has changed a lot and plans to dupe the tourists for money. Akshara goes to pray at Ganga ghat by doing a puja, so that she gets her daughter. Akshara’s prayers gets answered and Naira comes there. Akshara and Naira come infront of each other. Something falls in Naira’s eyes and she does not see Akshara. Naira stumbles and Akshara holds her. She hugs Naira and does not know its her Naira. Akshara and Naira hugged, but Naira has not seen Akshara. She leaves from there. Akshara realizes that its Naira, and rushes to stop her.

Kumkum Bhagya:

Abhi and Pragya always fight. Their nok jhok is increasing. Pragya and Abhi fall and have an eyelock. They express love to each other via eyes. Dadi comes there and greets them good morning. She asks them to get up now. Abhi and Pragya get embarrassed. They start arguing infront of Dadi. Abhi shows husband’s tantrums. Pragya shows the wifey attitude. She says we have equal rights now. She calls him his boss and he can’t refuse to her for anything. Abhi teases her and does not give her food. The scene gets romantic.


Kabir is asking Yamini about Ritik and Shivanya. Shivanya told Ritik the truth of Nevla. She tells Ritik that Kabir is a Nevla who has come to take revenge from her. Kabir shows his true face and injures Amrita. Kabir scares his Sasural so that Yamini tells him about Ritik and Shivanya. Ritik and Shivanya come and save Amrita. Yamini is troubled as Kabir also got after Naagmani. Yamini has to decide whom to use in her favor to get the Naagmani.

Jamai Raja:

Sid and Roshni are very much in love, but till then realize their mistakes, it will be too late. Roshni gets to know about Sid and Anya’s marriage. Sid and Roshni always unite and get separated. They always have some conflicts. Roshni cries and proposes Neil. She wants to marry Neil so that she can forget Sid. Roshni proposes in a filmi way. Sid witnesses this and gets sad. There will be dramatic twist with Anya’s pregnancy.


Kalpana dances in the party. She gets everyone on the dance floor. Apu dances with Malay. Kalpana makes Malay have the sweets. She is very happy as Vishkanya Apu will be marrying Malay. Mittal family does not know they are getting a Vishkanya as their bahu. It will be late till they realize Apu’s truth. Kalpana is celebrating as her revenge motives got fulfilled.

Kuch Rang Pyaar Ke Aise Bhi:

Dev and Sonakshi have a sweet moment. Dev holds her hand and asks her to feel his heartbeat. He asks did his heart say anything to her. He explains that heart does not speak and that’s why words are needed to communicate. She compares love with Malaria disease. He asks how can she compare love with a disease. The romantic scene gets filled with medical talks. They both will soon realize their love.

Meri Awaaz Hi Pehchaan Hai:

Ketki’s godhbharai is happening. Everyone is happy. Kalyani is dancing as happiness will be coming back in the family. Kalyani lost their younger brother Kanishk. Everyone feels Kanishk is coming back. Ketki is treated as a princess and is glad that Kalyani is not angry on her anymore.

Bahu Hamari Rajni Kant:

Rajni is a robot, but has emotions too. She stopped a family from breaking in her sweet unique style. Amrish accepts Gyaan in the family and hugs him. Surili happily cries. Rajni understands emotions and has her different thinking. She has made things possible, which Shaan could not. Amrish was dividing the property and jewelry. Amrish asks Gyaan, Dhyaan and Shaan to choose the jewelry or parents. The twist comes when Rajni chooses Amrish and Surili. She says there is no one more valuable than parents. She tells everyone that Amrish loved them equally and did not divide his love, then how can children ask for any division. Amrish respects Rajni more. All the sons hug Amrish and the family gets a happy moment. Rajni can do anything, and this makes Shaan fall in love with the super robot.

Yeh Vaada Raha:

Survi is kidnapped. Kartik goes to her rescue. Meher aims the gun at Survi. Kartik pushes Meher away. Meher wants revenge and says I will shoot Purvi and her baby too. Meher wants Kartik at any cost. Kartik saves Survi and their baby. Kartik and Survi could not marry, as Meher has kidnapped Survi. Kartik shoots Meher is defense. Police comes there and arrests Kartik. Survi and Kartik get separated by this twist.


Aryan and Aradhya are together on their wedding night. They are handcuffed and are locked in the storeroom. They both are annoyed with each other. They show attitude to each other and argue. She asks him to let her sit and he refuses. She pulls his hand and they both fall down. Their nok jhok finally ends and they fall asleep. Aradhya sees Aryan is sleeping peacefully and does not disturb him.

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