High-end confrontation between Rocky-Shivangi in Naagin 2


Rocky is ready to eat the poisonous kheer for Shivangi’s sake. Rocky felt Rudra and Shivangi love each other. He says I know this bowl has poison, which you want me to drink, you want me to die.

He is ready to get away from her, as he has always truly loved her by his heart and soul. Rocky does not want to come between Rudra and Shivangi. Rocky madly loves Shivangi, while she was doubting him that he has killed her mother. Rocky tells Shivangi that he will eat this poison for her happiness. Shivangi gets a shock and stops Rocky. She runs to him and throws the kheer. She hugs Rocky and cries. Shivangi’s doubt on Rocky gets cleared. She got to know that Rocky did not kill Shivanya. Rocky scolds her. He asks why is she crying, why does she has emotions for him. He asks her why did she cheat him. He still has misunderstanding that Shivangi and Rudra want to harm his family.

He tells Shivangi that he will not let anything happen to his family. He says I know you and Rudra wanted to kill me, even then I love you a lot. She says you are misunderstanding. She tries to explain. He says I knew you wanted to kill me, even then I saved your life, I love you, I did one mistake to sit in mandap with Ruchika, I admit I should haven’t done that, but I can’t believe you can fall so low to plan my murder. He asks why did you act of love, did she do this for money, I can give you my entire property, what do you want, you don’t want to come close and don’t want to get away from me, why did you marry me, what is your motive. Shivangi loves Rocky, but she has no answers to reply. Shivangi can’t tell Rocky her truth that she is a Naagin and married him for fulfilling her revenge motives. Will Rocky find out Shivangi’s reality? Keep reading.


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