Kumkum Bhagya: King to realize Abhi and Pragya’s past


Pragya manages to rescue Sunny from terrorist while Abhi rescues Kiara. Kiara runs out and sees Pragya. She informs her that Mr. Doll-Chor/Abhi has rescued her. Pragya gets worried for Abhi and says she will rescue him, but Policeman stops her from going to the classroom wherein Abhi is with the terrorist. Police Inspector goes inside and asks terrorist to leave Abhi, but he refuses. Pragya sees the terrorist aiming gun at Abhi and throws paperweight on his hand just as he shoots. The bullet hits the window and Pragya gets her hand slightly injured. Police catch the terrorist as he falls down. Abhi hears Pragya’s voice and looks out, but he doesn’t see her. King reaches school and gets emotional seeing Kiara safe.

Later, Abhi and King sign the world music contract and challenge each other that they are the best. King says Abhi’s career will end once the album releases and Abhi also says the same for him. King and Pragya move into their new house. Pragya decides to keep a party and watch a film in the theatre. King tells her that he will also come with Tarun.

Abhi and King come face to face again. King invites Abhi for the party and asks him to bring his wife along with him, as he wants to see that woman’s face who is bearing such a man. Abhi says I will bring my wife, but I wish my wife can meet your wife, as I don’t think any woman will marry you seeing your attitude. King says let’s see whose wife is bearing their husbands.

Pragya attends the party with King. Abhi and Pragya get emotional seeing each other, but King introduces Pragya as his wife and feels proud. Abhi gets shattered and confronts Pragya. He feels he has lost his life to King and feels cheated by her. Pragya scolds King for his big lie, but stays quiet. One lie brings much distance between Pragya and Abhi. King will soon learn about Abhi and Pragya’s eternal love relation.


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