Kaleerein: Vivaan and Meera to connect post Roma’s evil move

Kaleerein: Meera and Vivaan to get remarried

Meera falls in trouble. She gets surrounded in fire. Vivaan saves her life. She feels guilty when he asks about the baby. He takes care of her. He falls sick. Meera then worries for him and takes care of him. She talks to him while he sleeps. She apologizes to him and tells him the secret that she isn’t pregnant, she was just lying for a motive. She expresses that she loves Vivaan. When he wakes up, he finds Meera’s foot injured. He applies the ointment to her foot. Meera feels bad seeing his care. They understand each other’s pain and step ahead to aid. Meera always cared for Vivaan. He too has much concern for her. They have a cute moment.

Meera tries to trap Roma by sending her messages. She wants to see if Roma’s truth comes out this way. She uses Bua’s mobile phone and threatens Roma. She wishes Vivaan sees Roma’s truth by himself.

Meera gets Roma’s reply on Bua’s number. Meera learns that Roma wants to hurt Meera’s unborn child. Meera threatens Roma and Bua that she will tell the entire truth to Vivaan. They get scared and try to get the phone from Meera. Meera takes Bua’s phone to Vivaan to show the conversation with Roma. The phone’s battery gets off. She fails to expose Roma. She is sure to bring the truth out some day.


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