Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai: KaiRa’s chemistry in college to get a highlight

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai: Naira's big surprise for Kartik

Kartik and Naira fail to keep a normal teacher-student relationship. They get reminiscing their past. Naira tries to avoid Kartik, but the situation gets her back to Kartik. They get into a dream sequence where they try to talk out and end their differences. They speak their complains and also express their sorrow. Naira tells him that she didn’t break his heart and trust, she wasn’t wrong in Shubham’s case. Kartik asks her why didn’t she come back to him, why did she part ways. Their dream sequence ends, while they keep their silence. Kartik doesn’t want any disturbance in the class because of Naira. The students get suspicious about Kartik and Naira’s bonding on seeing their struggles and low concentration in the class.

Kartik conducts a class test and recalls the time when he dreamt to teach Naira in the class. He wants to know to what extent did Naira change. He wonders if Naira’s thinking has changed completely. Kartik tries to see Naira’s test papers. He gets too interested. Naira loses her focus seeing him around. She finishes the test first. Kirti worries that Suwarna calls her. She wonders if Suwarna wants to talk about Kartik and Naira. Suwarna asks Kirti to meet her sometimes. Kirti tells Suwarna that she is too busy. Suwarna asks Kirti to meet her friend, she can get an order for her boutique. Kirti gets glad and accepts the offer. Devyaani asks Kirti not to believe Suwarna and decide wisely. Naitik waits for Naira and calls her up to know if she has collected the transfer certificate. Naira tells Naitik that she is coming home.

Kartik and Naira see each other and try to shoo off their bothering memories. Suwarna tries to bond with the kids at home. Manish thanks her for changing. He tells her that she should connect to Kirti. Suwarna tells him that she is away from Kirti, just because of Singhanias. She hates Singhanias and Naira. Manish tells her that hatred ends all the relationships associated with one person. Suwarna tells him that Kirti didn’t understand her pain and supported Naira. Suwarna justifies that she isn’t wrong, Kirti didn’t take any initiative to bond with her because of Singhanias. Kartik and Naira meet in the canteen.

They get stuck in a strange situation. The students see their chemistry and gossip. Kartik and Naira get hurt. Kartik loses Naira’s answer sheet. Bhabhimaa attends the client’s call and doesn’t hear the order quantity right. She passes the wrong information to Kirti. The students feel there is some connection between Kartik and Naira, when they learn her real name. Naira learns the test results. Kartik puts Naira for re-test and doesn’t pass her. Naira feels Kartik is venting out his anger.


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