Yeh Hai Mohabbatein: Ishita to take a decision for Roshni’s safety

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein, Roshni returns to Bhalla house

Ishita takes a decision to ensure Roshni and her child are safe. She takes Roshni home. She doesn’t want Roshni to fall prey to someone’s plotting. She wants Roshni to live comfortable and not take any stress. She thinks of the bad happenings that occurred in Bhalla house. Roshni and Ishita feel relieved on coming back their home. Ishita pampers Roshni and gets emotional thinking about Adi’s baby. She asks Roshni to take care of herself. She feeds Roshni with love. Bhallas want Roshni to come back. They fail to give an assurance to Ishita.

Ishita doesn’t want Roshni to fall in any danger. She gets troubled with the thought that someone wants to kill Roshni’s child. Roshni too gets panicking as the enemy is unknown. She can’t doubt on everyone in Bhalla family, as they have taken her home with all the respect. Ishita decides to get CCTV cameras installed at home for Roshni’s safety. Roshni is scared. She lives in stress.

Ishita asks Roshni never to leave food as the baby always needs nourishment. She asks Roshni to meditate and relax. She tells Roshni that she will also meditate along with her. Raman comes to meet Roshni, but Ishita doesn’t let him meet Roshni. Raman asks for Roshni’s well-being. Ishita tells Roshni that Raman asked for her and then left, Raman doesn’t want her to come back as he also knows she isn’t safe there. She tells Roshni that Raman will not take her back, there is nothing to worry. She asks Roshni to trust her, nothing will go wrong in their lives. She makes a promise that her child will be safe. Parmeet plans to take a disguise and attack Roshni to kill her child.


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