Mariam Khan – Reporting LIVE: Mahira and Rihaan to elope

Mariam Khan - Reporting LIVE: Rihaan shot down; Mahira breaks into tears
mahira rehaan

Mahira’s mehendi ceremony will be bringing new twists. Meher writes Zain’s name in Mahira’s hand, which upsets the later. Rihaan takes a disguise and turns into the mehendi artist. Rihaan meets Mahira in the female avatar and applies mehendi to her. Rihaan writes his name in Mahira’s hand. Mahira gets happy when she sees Rihaan. Rihaan and Mahira share an eye lock. Zain isn’t aware of Mahira and Rihaan’s love story. Meher knows about Mahira’s intentions to wed Rihaan.

Meher opposes Mahira and tries to guide her towards the right path. She doesn’t want Mahira to ruin the family reputation. Mahira and Rihaan elope from the house. Meher catches them. She gives a tight slap to Mahira and scolds her for risking everything for Rihaan. She explains that Zain is the most suitable guy for her. She asks Mahira to think for the family and forget Rihaan. Mahira refuses to listen to her.

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