Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai: Dadi to mask up Kartik-Naira’s cropping issues

Yeh Rishta Naira Dadi big clash shocks the family

Kartik gets rings for engagement of Mansi and Anmol. Rukmani gets pleased seeing the costly rings. Naira opposes Kartik and tells him that they can afford the rings themselves. Kartik tells her that he got the rings with love, he isn’t showing off his richness. Naira objects to his gifts. Kartik calls her mad to raise an objection and not consider family’s happiness. He asks her why isn’t she thinking for the family, and just getting their differences between the marriage. He taunts her for changing the rules. Naira tells him that they will manage the engagement arrangements on own. Kartik asks them not to refuse for the rings. Rukmani accepts the gifts. Kartik tells Naira that he will always do much for Mansi as he loves her, even if anyone misunderstands his intentions.

She tells him that he can’t force his thinking on her. He tells her that she is unnecessarily creating problems for the family rather than being happy with everyone. He commands her not to attend the engagement ceremony if she can’t digest the new alliance forming with Goenkas. Kartik rushes out in anger, after hurting Naira and Singhanias.


Singhanias get angry on Kartik for his bitterness against Naira. They support Naira and wonder how could Kartik throw out anger on Naira. They get sympathetic for Naira. They ask Naira to attend the function. Surekha requests Suwarna not to create any issue by Naira’s coming. Suwarna asks Kartik to keep the function at a hotel. Kartik understands Suwarna’s concern. He tells her that Naira isn’t related to him now, she should just link Naira with Mansi’s in-laws. He feels venue change won’t matter. Kirti feels they should change the venue to lessen Naira’s pain. Naksh tells Kirti that they should let Naira decide if she wants to come in the function or not. Kartik and Rukmani have a talk. Rukmani asks Naira to decorate the ring box. She drops the ring by mistake. Kartik and Naira meet at the same place while doing the arrangements. Dadi feels reluctant to answer the guests about Naira.

She asks Suwarna to control her hatred and not let anyone know about Kartik and Naira’s issues, else their reputation will be ruined. She wants to restore the good terms.

Kartik and Naira finish their shopping and argue in the parking lot. They both throw attitude at each other. Dadi meets Naira and asks her to stay in Goenka house till Mansi’s marriage is done. She asks Naira not to talk about divorce in front of everyone. She wants Naira to live with them to show the world that everything is fine in the family. She asks Naira to keep her family’s reputation.

Naira tells Dadi that Kartik hates her and now she can’t forget the bad happenings. She refuses to stay with Goenkas. Dadi then asks her to think of Singhanias’ reputation. Naitik tells Dadi that he doesn’t care for reputation, Naira’s happiness and peace matter the most to him. He asks Dadi not to think wrong about Naira, divorce is nothing to get happy about, but its any sin to cover up. He wants Dadi to change her thinking about KaiRa’s divorce. He doesn’t care for anyone’s opinion. He tells Dadi that he doesn’t believe in staying unhappy for the sake of the society. Dadi asks Naira to obey her and return to Goenka house. Naitik tells Naira that he will support her every decision. Goenkas prepare for Mansi and Anmol’s engagement.

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