Kullfi Kumarr Bajewala: Kulfi and Nimrat’s beautiful heavenly meet

Nimrat and Kulffi meet

Kullfi meets with a big accident, shattering Sikandar. Kulfi gets admitted in the hospital post the accident, and battles for her life. Sikandar stays worried for her. He wants Kulfi to be a fighter and come back to him. Kulfi’s soul yearns for Nimrat. Kulfi in unconscious state, dreams of a union with her mother Nimrat in heaven. She is much happy to spend time with Nimrat. Kulfi gets angry on Nimrat, and asks her to come back. She refuses to go alone. She enjoys the swing with Nimrat and runs around in the heavenly sights. Nimrat asks Kulfi to return to her dad.

Nimrat and Kulfi have a beautiful moment. Kulfi asks her about her dad. Nimrat asks Kulfi to go, her dad is waiting for her. Kulfi doesn’t want to leave Nimrat and wants her also. Nimrat tells Kulfi that she will be stuck with her if the doors of heaven gets shut for her soul. She pushes Kulfi away from her so that she can get back to life. Kulfi takes a breath and gets a life once again, all thanks to her mother who encouraged her to live for the sake of her father, Sikandar. She wants Kulfi to live happy with Sikandar.

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