Yeh Hai Mohabbatein: Parmeet finds the weakest link in Bhalla family

Parmeet to strike IshRa

Simmi gets happy to know that Ananya is out of danger. Raghav’s wife thanks Raman and Ishita for saving her daughter. Parmeet tells them that Simmi has saved the girl. Simmi says Ishita cooked the parathas and filled it with poison to kill the girl. She blames Ishita and asks inspector to arrest her. Inspector shows his belief in Raman and Ishita, knowing their past background. He still asks them to come for a meet, since Raghav’s wife has given her statement. Raman and Ishita visit the police station and talk to the inspector regarding the case. Inspector apologizes to them for all the troubles. He tells them about the statement given by Raghav’s wife, who has mentioned about the blackmailer. Inspector tells them that Parmeet is very dangerous, he may kill anyone, he has made someone execute this kidnapping. He makes a plan to trap Parmeet.

He asks Raman and Ishita to help them collect evidence against Parmeet. Shagun and Mani defend Ishita and come ahead to help Ishita in such a tough time. Ishita wishes Raghav’s family stays safe. Shagun assures that she will get them protection. Parmeet tells Simmi that they should do something against Ishita. Simmi is happy that Ananya got recovered. She doesn’t know that Parmeet has poisoned the girl. He tells her that they should punish Ishita for killing Ananya, they can make some plan to get rid of her completely.

He tells Simmi that they have to kill Ishita. Simmi outright refuses to kill Ishita. He tells her that they are nothing in the house just because of Ishita, the family hates them, they have lost everything. He makes her emotional by showing Ananya’s toys. He reminds her how Ishita killed Ananya.

He uses emotions to make Simmi accept his decision. Simmi gets drawn into his tricks. Parmeet tells her that Raman and Ishita are doing the crimes and trapping them. She asks how will we escape from police after killing Ishita. He tells his plan to find the weakest link in the family and employ such person to kill Ishita. He asks her to use Adi’s child in this big task.

Parmeet and Simmi keep an eye on the family, while they have a happy time with the baby. Mrs. Bhalla tells Ishita that baby isn’t friendly with her, like he is fond of Mihika. He tells Simmi that Mrs. Bhalla is the weakest link who can be easily instigated against Ishita, just she can work out their plan and kill Ishita. Simmi doesn’t understand it clearly. He wants Ishita to die by a family member’s hands. He starts plotting against Ishita. He makes Simmi help her in framing Ishita. The evil duo try to prove that Ishita isn’t baby’s well-wisher.

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