Yeh Rishta’s big twist: Kartik and Naira to call off their divorce

Kartik and Naira to unite

Suwarna and Dadi come up with their respective plans to get Kartik closer to the life partner of their choices. Dadi tries to bring Kartik and Naira together for the sake of their coming baby. She makes them perform on a romantic song and gets glad to see them united. Suwarna understands Dadi’s planning. She takes another step and makes Ashi engage Kartik. Ashi asks Kartik for a dance. Ashi and Kartik also perform in the Sangeet, which gives new hopes to Suwarna. Suwarna gets more positive about getting them married. Dadi hides about Naira’s pregnancy from the family. She decides to break the news on right time. Suwarna invests her time in knowing what’s Dadi concealing about Naira. She decides to meet the lady, whom Dadi met in Sangeet party. Suwarna will soon learn about Naira’s pregnancy confusion.

Kartik can’t forget his relation with Naira since she is his first love. He loves Naira by all his heart, and still fails to convey his feelings, knowing Naira and he won’t have a future together because of Suwarna’s hatred for Naira.

He wishes if he could end Suwarna’s hatred and unite with Naira. Naira too sheds tears thinking where life got her and Kartik. Kartik finds happiness when she is around, but also realizes that his happiness is short-lived. Ashi asks Kartik to stop thinking about his divorce. She tells him that its better that he moves on if he isn’t regretting on his decision. She throws a party to cheer up Kartik. she forces him to attend the separation party. Kartik gets drunk with his friends. He starts speaking out his suppressed emotions, which were unspoken because of his fear to hurt Suwarna’s sentiments. He feels sorry that he has been unjust towards Naira.

He gets to see Naira and confesses his love to her. Kartik and Naira have a romantic moment. They come close after so much of melodrama. Kartik and Naira together rethink and decide to call off their divorce. Later, they get reminders about attending the counselling session, but intentionally miss it, knowing their love is quite evident to the counsellor.

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