Krishna Chali London marks beginning of Krishna-Radhe’s love story

Krishna Chali London to highlight Radhe-Krishna's romance

Krishna and Radhe come closer in the upcoming track of Krishna Chali London. They get shelter at Saajan’s house. Their love story starts. They both call off the divorce, as suggested by Dubey. He tells her that he wants to tell something to her. She wonders what is he up to. Radhe tells her that he is upset on leaving the family, but he is happy that she is with him. He tells how much important she holds in his life. They both have good bond of friendship between them. They have much understanding between them. Radhe understands Krishna’s right approach in life, since she doesn’t tolerate injustice.

She likes his innocence and good-hearted nature. She feels he is uneducated, and she should help him achieve education and success. Krishna wants to see Radhe as an independent and successful man. Radhe and Krishna express their feelings to each other. Krishna has always been silent about her feelings.

Radhe too didn’t wish to upset her by forcing his love emotions on her. He gets happy when Krishna reciprocates his love. He tells Krishna that he was wishing for their love to get mutual, he was troubled with the one sided love. Radhe and Krishna have a romantic moment. Radhe confesses his love to Krishna. Krishna gets happily shy, which signs him that she is holding same feelings for him. He wishes Krishna confesses her love to him. He tells her that he will wait for her love acceptance.

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