Piyaa Albela: Naren to go missing once again

Naren to go missing once again

Pooja acts as a ghost in front of Angraj. Rahul beats Angraj for cheating on him and accuses him of stealing the treasure kept in the vault. Angraj tells him that he is innocent and haven’t stolen anything. Pooja comes and stands as if she is possessed by Naren’s ghost. Angraj asks Pooja to tell about Naren. Tantrik looks at her and tells that she is fooling them and is not possessed. He tells that there is no soul in the house, Pooja gets tensed.

Naren goes missing after he went to meet Kiran at the tribal place. He was concerned as Kiran fell sick. Pooja, Satish and Danish try to find Naren everywhere. She breaks down on seeing Naren’s car damaged post an accident. Satish consoles her and asks her to be strong, Naren isn’t in the car, it means he is fine, they should find him. Satish asks Pooja to go home and fool Angraj, since Naren can also come back home. He asks her to manage Angraj. Satish and Danish look for Naren at the accident spot. Angraj’s drama is going to end soon.

Meanwhile, Hardik plans to take revenge on Vyas family using his illegitimate son Arjun. He makes Arjun believe that he is trapped in rape case wrongly. Pooja senses some unseen danger to the family. Arjun is going to be Rachel’s love interest soon.

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