Kaleerein: A new alliance for Meera shocks Vivaan

Kaleerein: Sunny to toughen Meera's struggles

Dolly takes a stand for Vivaan by doing against Vivaan. She makes sure that Vivaan stays back with them. Vivaan is stuck in big mess. He is unable to confess his love and convince Meera. He gets to hear Amar’s bitterness. Meera tells Dolly that she is planning to make Vivaan express love. She declares that she is going to remarry. She tells Dolly that Vivaan will not be able to take this and definitely speak up, maybe this can melt Amar’s heart too. Amar asks Vivaan to finish all the work on time. He troubles Vivaan more. Amar finds an alliance for Meera. She gets fed up of the clash between Amar and Vivaan. She wants to bring Amar and Vivaan together. She agrees to both of them.

She tells Amar that she is ready for remarriage and is much excited to meet the guy. She wants to change Amar and Vivaan’s ugly relations. Vivaan wonders why is Meera excited to meet the guy. He gets jealous. He thinks what’s happening to Meera. He expresses his anger on Meera.


He then worries that his anger will make Meera away further. He understands that he can’t vent out anger and gets confused. Both Amar and Vivaan get puzzled with Meera’s decision. Meera has a solution for all problems. She pretends to be very happy with the alliance talks. Amar didn’t expect her to agree so soon. Meera will make Vivaan jealous and make him confess love. Will Meera succeed in her drama? Keep reading.

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