Krishna Chali London: Radhe to protect Krishna’s esteem

Krishna Chali London: Radhe's shocking deed to dishearten Krishna

Shukla reveals about Prashant and finds a chance to insult Krishna in front of Radhe and family once again. Krishna denies the matter. Shukla tells her that she can cheat Radhe, but not him, he knows the entire truth of her past. He asks Radhe if he knew this fact before, how will he deal with this big shocking truth. Radhe tells Shukla that Krishna never kept anything hidden from him, he knows about Prashant. Shukla asks Radhe if he knows about Krishna and Prashant’s affair. Radhe admits that he knew everything, but didn’t find it important. Shukla asks Radhe if didn’t get angry knowing she eloped to marry Prashant. Radhe doesn’t let Krishna interfere. He tells them that he knows Krishna’s past. He has married Krishna by his will and love her a lot. He declares that he is happy with his wife. He doesn’t want anyone to question Krishna. He takes Krishna with him, and asks her not to answer anyone, except him.

Prashant gets all the things lost by Dubey because of Shukla. He impresses Dubey and Bua. Prashant wants to do the best for Krishna’s family. Radhe angrily confronts Krishna about her love affair with Prashant. She tells him that Shukla is mistaken about Prashant and her, Prashant is educated and showed her dreams of pursuing medicine too. Radhe asks her if she still loves Prashant. She tells him that she doesn’t love Prashant now. He gets happy and expresses his strong belief in her. He asks her never to break his trust, which will break him. Krishna gets impressed with the way he managed the matter in front of the family. Radhe cheers her up. He hopes that Krishna doesn’t think of Prashant ever. Dubey and Bua get worried for Krishna.

They wonder if Shukla is ill treating Krishna again. Prashant tells Bua that Shukla can kill Krishna in a fit of rage, they can get bad news about Krishna. He scares Dubey and Bua about Krishna’s safety and future. Bua tells him that Radhe will protect Krishna. Prashant doesn’t think Radhe can manage Krishna’s security. He asks them to get Krishna back home. Radhe stays disturbed thinking about Prashant. Shukla understands that Radhe lied to them to keep Krishna’s esteem. His wife doesn’t want the matter to go out, else they will get defamed in the society. He tells her that he will plan new things to trouble Krishna. She doesn’t want the house peace to break. Dubey decides to get Krishna and Radhe divorced.

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