Piyaa Albela: Pooja fails to rescue Naren

Pooja tries to find Naren

Supriya falls ill. Pooja tries to rescue Naren. Supriya and Neelima get attacked. They both get bed-ridden. Pooja is stressed as she isn’t able to find Naren anywhere. Many strange things are happening in the house. Pooja finds Harish taking Naren’s belongings to the ashram. Pooja suspects that Naren is inside the trunk, since she sees his kurta popping out of the trunk. When she goes to check the trunk, Surbhi stops her and asks her to meet Supriya, who is getting critical. Pooja misses to see Naren. Naren is taken out of the house. Pooja gets sad and tries hard to find him. Supriya thinks Pooja can’t look after Naren.

All her expectations ends with Pooja. She asks Dada ji to find Naren and be with him always. Pooja worries when Supriya loses hopes on her. Pooja asks Dada ji to do his best to find Naren, but she will also do the same. Rahul and Surbhi were in Angraj’s team.

They understand that Angraj is not loyal to anyone, since Neelima is also attacked. They realize Angrad is a wrong person, and want to break their partnership with evil Angraj. Pooja uses this moment and asks them to support her in finding Naren, since Angraj will not help them. She has no answers to give Supriya and Dada ji. She begs Rahul and Surbhi to help her expose Angraj in front of the family. Everyone wants to save Naren, knowing he is a gem at heart. Rahul and Surbhi agree to help Naren and Pooja.

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