Yeh Hai Mohabbatein to get a twisted cave trap

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein: Huge troubles for Raman and Ishita ahead

In Yeh Hai Mohabbatein, Bhallas face a new sorrow again. Ishita and Raman suffer because of Parmeet. Raman gets shot while Ishita gets injured by the evil man. They succeed to save Pihu from Parmeet’s evil. Raman, Ishita, Simmi and Pihu run out of the godown, and think they have got free from Parmeet. On the way, there happens a disaster. Raman, Simmi and Pihu get stuck inside the cave because of an incident. Ishita tries to seek help from people. She asks someone to help them in the crisis. She loses strength. She reaches the temple and asks God to help her find Raman, Pihu and Simmi. There is no one in the village who could help Ishita. Only Ishita can save Raman, Simmi and Pihu from the big mess. She falls helpless in front of the worst situation.

Ishita pleads to God to send someone to help. A lady appears there, who comes to help Ishita. Ishita tells her about Raman, Simmi and Pihu, who got separated. She asks the lady to help her rescue her family.

She says Pihu was kidnapped by someone, Simmi and Raman rescued Pihu and were running away, but they fell inside the cave, I tried to save them by throwing ropes, but I couldn’t reach them, I m not able to get them out, I m so helpless, there is no villagers here. The lady gives her some prasad. She asks her to take some powder which will heal Raman’s wounds. She promises to send some villagers to help. She assures that everything will get fine. She asks Ishita not to worry.

Ishita gets grateful to the lady. Ishita rushes back to the cave to rescue her family members. She wants to get them out, but doesn’t see any way. She gets exhausted, and runs around to find some solution.

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