Silsila Badalte Rishton Ka: Kunal to fail Rajdeep’s evil attempt

Silsila MAJOR TWIST: Time for Kunal to face rejection

Kunal is happy that Nandini is going away. On the contrary, Mauli is worried for Nandini’s stay away from them. Rajdeep tries to use his sources and know about Nandini’s new shelter. Kunal and Nandini face their emotions once again. Kunal also has a worry for Nandini, but can’t express it in front of Mauli. Fate brings Kunal and Nandini together again. Kunal finds Nandini’s room door stuck. He shouts to watchman for help. He can’t see Nandini in trouble.

Nandini’s saree catches fire. Kunal blows off the fire and gets scared. He hugs Nandini, losing out his hold on his emotions. They both restrain themselves and their overgrowing concern. He doesn’t care for his hands and saves her from burns. She worries for his burnt hands. Rajdeep learns that Nandini is staying at a different house. He gets a disguise of an electrician and joins the batch of service guys to enter Nandini’s house. He plans to teach a lesson to Nandini and Mauli. He wants to take revenge from her. He sends all the service guys out. He tries to spend time with Nandini, but Kunal arrives there. Rajdeep fails in his plans because of Kunal.

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