Mariam Khan – Rihaan to get shelter in Khan family

Rihaan returns

Majaaz and family worry for Mariam and cry. They want Mariam to be happy and safe. Madiha feels Mariam isn’t fine there, Aayat isn’t taking good care of Mariam. She wishes that Mariam comes back home. They are unable to talk to Mariam on video call. They want to know how is Mariam and what’s happening with her. Aayat is always lying to them. Everyone offers prayers for Mariam. Mahira tries to meet Rihaan, after she learns that Rihaan is ousted from his house. Mahira doesn’t care for Zain. Aijaz gets angry seeing Sarfaraz’s son Rihaan in his haveli. He asks how dare you enter my house.

Majaaz also can’t save Rihaan from Aijaz’s anger. Aijaz asks Rihaan to leave. Majaaz tells Aijaz that Rihaan has saved Zain and him post the accident. Rihaan is unwell and needs attention. Meher and Mahira also request Aijaz to let Rihaan stay with them. Mahira gets happy that Rihaan will be staying in her family.

Aijaz says we are already worried because of Majaaz’s mistake, and now Majaaz wants to do another mistake. Rifat knows Mahira is in love with Rihaan. She asks Mahira to stay with family and come home tomorrow. Madiha says its not needed, Mahira can be with Zain. Rifat says I m there to look after Zain, I will come to pick Mahira tomorrow. She wants to expose Mahira and Rihaan’s affair. Mahira tries to find a chance to go to guest room and meet Rihaan. Meher also feels sympathetic towards Rihaan.


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