Silsila: Kunal and Nandini’s blooming love

Silsila: Kunal's hearty apology to Nandini

Silsila: Kunal and Nandini’s blooming love… Kunal expresses his wish to have Kheer prepared by Nandini. They get saved from Mauli’s sight, when Mauli surprises Nandini. Mauli has no idea about Kunal and Nandini’s love. She misses the signs she gets about her shattering relation. Nandini finds it hard to cover up Kunal’s presence at home. Mauli offers help to Nandini. Kunal also fears that Mauli will learn about their affair. Nandini feels sad that Kunal makes a leave from her home because of Mauli’s coming. Nandini serves kheer to Mauli, which she had made for Kunal. Mauli asks Nandini how did she prepare Kheer when she didn’t know of her coming. She gets Nandini’s letter and asks why was she leaving them and going away.

Nandini tells her that she was thinking to leave, but changed her decision. She tells her that its tough for her to manage things all alone. Mauli assures her support. Mauli informs Nandini that Kunal has returned to the city, maybe he knew about her restlessness. She claims about her true love. Nandini gives weird answers, but Mauli doesn’t understand anything Nandini sends some kheer for Kunal. Kunal gets restless to have the kheer prepared by Nandini. He finds Mauli sleeping and secretly goes to the kitchen to have the kheer.

He gets at peace after consuming the kheer. He recollects his conversation with Nandini and smiles. He messages Nandini and chats with her. They both are happy. Nandini realizes the inner happiness and peace, after Kunal and her love acceptance. Her emotional conflicts finally come to an end. She likes being in love again. She moves on in life and forgets the tortured posed by Rajveer. She recollects the fun chat with Kunal. Her loneliness ends. She feels charmed by Kunal’s memories. She does preparations and makes a Rangoli, expecting Kunal to visit her again. How will Kunal and Nandini hide their affair from Mauli? Will Mauli know the deceive from her dear ones? Keep reading.

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