Yeh Rishta’s Major twist: Kartik’s nod for remarriage to stun Naira

Yeh Rishta's Major twist: Kartik's nod for remarriage to stun Naira

Yeh Rishta: Kartik’s nod for remarriage to stun Naira Janmashtami Celebrations will be bringing Kartik and Naira closer again. Rajshri’s lecture doesn’t give any sense to Suwarna. The family worries when Suwarna gets an anxiety attack. Kartik and Naira’s misunderstandings side away. Their anger and ego issues also get resolved. They fall in love again. There will be sweet moments of hide and seek between Kartik and Naira. They relive their love and romance, post their divorce. They get the ultimate happiness by their presence. They don’t care about the problems between their families. They are the root cause of the problems and bad terms. Still, they forget the differences between families and stay happy seeing each other. The families keep meeting for common festivals.

Kartik and Naira get a chance to meet again during Janmashtami function. Suwarna will object to Kartik and Naira’s growing bond. Dadi also worries seeing Kartik’s inclination for Naira. She doesn’t want Kartik and Naira to do anything wrong that defames the families and brings more tensions.

Suwarna has hidden about her anxiety attacks from Kartik. Kartik learns about Suwarna’s trauma. Suwarna emotionally blackmails Kartik and commands him to marry Ashi. Suwarna explains him that he is the only hope of her life, if he turns away, she won’t be able to live. Seeing Suwarna losing herself in sorrow, Kartik gives his nod to marry Ashi. Suwarna forcibly gets Kartik and Ashi engaged. Ashi gets in pressure from her mother Anjali. Ashi and Karan plan to elope before the marriage. Ashi will be running away on the marriage day. She will be leaving Kartik waiting in the mandap, which makes Goenkas feel guilty for Suwarna’s mistake. The track will build up for KaiRa’s remarriage. Naira will join back the Goenka family.

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  1. Kartik and Naira Jori Best of Best Hai . Pleasee in dono ki jodi rakhna drame mai baki kisi ki sath ni milwana .. and tellynews thannks pahle is ajeeb twist ka btane k leye … abhi or pata ni ye writer kia kia le kar aaye ga … :-/


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