Kullfi Kumarr Bajewala: Sikandar to secretly search for Kulfi’s father

Kullfi Kumarr Bajewala: Sikandar to secretly search for Kulfi's father

Kullfi Kumarr Bajewala: Sikandar to secretly search for Kulfi’s father… Sikandar and Kulfi meet and have an emotional moment. Kulfi shows her belief and respect for Sikandar. Tevar sees them and cries wishing that he also creates a bond with Kulfi this way. Kulfi thanks Tevar for his wonderful surprise. She asks Tevar and Sikandar to become friends. She doesn’t want them to fight. She tells them that their fights hurt her. They both decide to become friends for Kulfi’s sake. Amyra gets angry realizing Sikandar is not at home. She tells Lovely that Sikandar has gone to meet Kulfi. Lovely fears the same and stops Amyra from going to Kulfi. Kulfi gets happiness when Sikandar and Tevar get together. Kulfi asks Sikandar to meet her some times. Sikandar tells her that they will get Ganpati in the society, they can meet him and family in the pandal. Kulfi likes his idea so that Amyra’s heart doesn’t break.

Sikandar returns home. Amyra asks him if he has gone to meet Kulfi. Seeing her tears, Mohendar lies that Sikandar was with him. Sikandar hugs Amyra and lies to her that he will never go away without informing her. Tevar and Kulfi spend time. Kulfi thanks him for calling Sikandar. She tells him that she is feeling sleepy. Tevar puts her to sleep and finds her at peace, all thanks to Sikandar. He wants her to be always happy and smiling. Lovely gets insecure and asks Mohendar about revealing the matter to Sikandar. Mohendar tells her that he didn’t say anything to Sikandar yet. She lives in fear that Sikandar might leave her and Amyra. She questions Sikandar about Mohendar. He tells her that Mohendar is worried for Gunjan’s health. Lovely asks him if he is hiding something. He tells her that he has gone to meet Kulfi. She stays stressed about Mohendar.


Mohendar tells Sikandar that Kulfi and Tevar aren’t blood related. Mohendar asks him to find Kulfi’s real father, and hide the matter from Lovely as well. Sikandar keeps the secret and really wants to finds Kulfi’s real father. Tevar keeps Kulfi happy, believing she is his daughter. Lovely ruins everyone’s lives by her lies. Kulfi tells Tevar that she will tell her wishes to Lord again. He gets happy to know that Kulfi has asked for his father. She tells him that she wanted his father, like Amyra has her father.

Sikandar lies to Amyra about his work and goes to meet Kulfi. He decides to lie to Kulfi so that he can find the truth about her real father. Kulfi hugs Tevar. When Sikandar comes to meet her, she leaves Tevar and runs to Sikandar, which makes Tevar upset. Sikandar gives a cute gift of an idol to Kulfi. He apologizes to Tevar for coming between him and his daughter. Tevar tells him that Kulfi really needs his time. Sikandar tells Tevar that he is worried for Kulfi and came to see her out of concern. He promises to help Tevar so that Kulfi accepts him as his father. Tevar gets grateful to him for his favor. Tevar permits him to meet Kulfi. Sikandar tries to know about Kulfi’s mother. He makes a plan to find out the truth.

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