Mariam Khan – Reporting LIVE: Rihaan shot down; Mahira breaks into tears

Mariam Khan - Reporting LIVE: Rihaan shot down; Mahira breaks into tears
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Mariam Khan – Reporting LIVE: Rihaan shot down; Mahira breaks into tears… Police suspects on Rihaan, after Rifat plants false evidences against Rihaan. Rihaan turns helpless when he gets ousted from his house and also from Mahira’s family. He looks for a shelter. He goes to talk to Mahira once. Rihaan is in love with Mahira and shows his selflessness by silently accepting the punishment from her family. Rihaan is hopeful that Zain will understand him. Zain also loves Mahira unconditionally. Mahira turns into Zain’s friend when he accepts her love story with a big heart. She sympathizes with Zain. Zain doesn’t want Rifat to do anything wrong. Rifat plays her game and frames Rihaan as a terrorist. Zain falls in Rifat’s drama and believes her fake tears.

Rifat tells Mahira that she has freed her from all bounds and now Mahira can marry Rihaan by divorcing Zain. Mahira gets too happy and goes home to meet Rihaan. On the other hand, Majaaz realizes that Farhaan is a terrorist, and using Mariam in his evil plans. He wants to inform police about Farhaan.

Police arrives at Majaaz’s house to enquire about Rihaan, who is their prime suspect. They inspect the place and ask Majaaz for Rihaan, stating him as a terrorist. Majaaz tries to clear that Rihaan isn’t any terrorist. Police doesn’t pay heed to Majaaz’s words. Zain and Mahira land there and learn the big accusation on Rihaan. Rihaan arrives there to meet Mahira. The police implies shoot at sight orders, and doesn’t give any chance to Rihaan to clarify himself. They suspect Rihaan is running away and shoot him down, in front of Mahira and family, leaving everyone shattered. Zain doesn’t know that his mother has played this wicked move to ruin many lives. Will Mahira be able to save Rihaan’s life? Keep reading.

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