Silsila: Nandini to accept her share of sorrow and humiliation

Silsila: New friendship twist indicating Nandini

Silsila: Nandini to accept her share of sorrow and humiliation… Kunal and Nandini’s relationship truth gets revealed to her. Kunal gets ousted from his house. His family disowns him and chooses to support their perfect bahu Mauli. Kunal regrets to lose Mauli and his family suddenly. He goes to stay with Nandini at her house. Kunal and Rajdeep get into a fight. Kunal gets injured. Nandini takes Kunal home. Mauli finds him hurt and cries for him. She recollects their happy moments and then Kunal’s cheat. Mauli will take a big decision. Yamini gets angry on Nandini, after seeing Mauli in pain. She can’t accept Kunal’s affair. When Yamini finds Nandini outside the house, she gets angry and stops Nandini from meeting Mauli. She doesn’t want Nandini to come in front of Mauli and remind the big cheat. She asks Nandini to leave, as Kunal isn’t at home and Mauli has no relation left with them anymore.

Yamini insults Nandini. She asks Nandini if there is anything else to snatch. She says how dare you come here after stabbing Mauli’s trust and love. She asks Nandini how can she break Mauli and Kunal’s happy family, isn’t she ashamed to ruin them by being between them.

She tells Nandini about Mauli’s sorrow, how Mauli has locked herself in the room and sinking in pain. She asks Nandini to realize Mauli’s pain for once. She asks how did Nandini cheat Mauli’s friendship and break her trust. Mauli was getting hints and warnings from people, but she had much trust in her friend. She recollects Nandini and goes numb in sorrow. She can’t forget the cheat by Kunal and Nandini. Mauli wipes her tears and goes to meet Nandini. She wants to confront Nandini about the affair. Mauli ends all ties with Nandini. The show will take a two year leap, and present the main characters in completely different light. Keep reading.

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