Udaan: Chakor and Imli to strike a never-before deal

Udaan: Imli to claim her positive entry

Udaan: Chakor and Imli to strike a never-before deal… Chakor doesn’t scare Imli with a spirit drama, and instead reveals that she is alive. She explains Imli how she has tricked everyone into believing her dead. Chakor tells Imli that she has survived just to know about her daughter Saanvi. Saanvi’s existence news gives new hopes to Chakor. She also wants to end the sorrow in Suraj’s life which was caused by Saanvi’s loss. She wants to bring Saanvi in front of the family by exposing Imli’s crimes. Chakor scares Imli for her life. She asks Imli to reveal about Saanvi, if she wants her life. Imli doesn’t fear to die. Chakor gets threatening her further. She then tries to strike a deal with Imli.

She agrees to give Imli everything that belongs to her, being Suraj’s wife. Chakor promises to name the haveli and entire business to Imli. She asks Imli to better reveal Saanvi’s truh. Imli thinks if she refuses, Gumaan will claim the property by being in Suraj’s good books. Imli accepts Chakor’s deal. Chakor hopes to meet her daughter. Will Imli reveal the truth to Chakor or trick her once again? Keep reading.

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