Yeh Hai Mohabbatein: Raman and Ishita learn Sudha’s grey intentions

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein Unexpected move by Raman

Sudha meets Raman and Ishita and sympathizes with them. She apologizes on behalf of Rajat and tells them that she will get justice for them. She tells Raman that its her duty to rectify the mistake. She tells Ishita that she wants to have an enquiry and solve their problem. Raman tells her that its his battle for justice. She appears innocent and tells them that she won’t forgive any staff member for the mistake. She asks them to withdraw the case since this will defame her hospital. She promises to punish Rajat and serve justice to them. She is ready to do anything to compensate their pain. She tells them that she will compensate by money, which angers Raman. Raman scolds her for misleading them. Sudha fails to convince them. She thinks its not easy to change their mind. She doesn’t want anyone to ruin her prestige. Aaliya reaches the hospital and learns about the fire incident.

She suspects someone to be thief and runs after the person. She scolds the man for the theft. The man gets angered by her accusations and tells her that he was helping a lady. Aaliya feels sorry to misunderstand him. The lady thanks the man for saving her life. Aaliya finds the man ill mannered. She gets his bracelet fallen over there. Raman tells Aaliya that Sudha saved them from the fire, but she has asked for a favor to withdraw the case and free Rajat. He refuses to accept any compensation.

Ishita tells Raman that Sudha is also right on her front. Raman doesn’t think Sudha is a nice person. Ishita goes to talk to Sudha once again. She gets to overhear Sudha and Rajat’s conversation. She learns that Sudha manipulated everything to save Rajat. She tells him that Ishita was bit convinced by her, and maybe she will convince Raman as well. She tells Rajat that she had fooled Raman and Ishita by her lies. She doesn’t want to help them in reality.

She asks Rajat to quit drinking and not make any further mistakes. Sudha doesn’t see Ishita spying. Ishita feels bad to believe Sudha. She tells Sudha’s truth to Raman. Raman tells them that he didn’t believe Sudha. Ishita tells them that they have to act wisely and firmly. Sudha finds out about Raman and Ishita’s family background so that she can gel with them and influence them to take the case back. Sudha calls Shagun and tries to seek help from her. Shagun tells her that she works for an NGO. Sudha tells her that she is interested in making a charity to her NGO and support her noble work. She tries to create a good image. Shagun welcomes her to the NGO. Shagun tells Raman and Ishita that she is worried, Sudha maybe playing games with them. Ishita wants to be prepared to face Sudha.

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