Kullfi Kumarr Bajewala: Tevar’s shocking move to earn Kulfi’s love

Kulfi Kumar Bajewala: Tevar turns furious on Sikandar

Amyra’s words shatter Kullfi. Amyra makes her realize that her mother is no more, and she can never win over her. Kulfi misses Nimrat and cries out. Tevar finds her upset and wants to know what happened. Kulfi tells him that Amyra is right about her. She says I can never win in the competition, since I don’t have my mother with me. Tevar gets sad. He tells Kulfi that he will get her mother back. Kulfi says you can’t do anything, my mother is gone too far. He tells her that he can do any miracle, he will get her mother in front of her. He instils confidence in her. He tells her that he can do anything to make her win the competition. She asks if he can really bring her mother back. He tells her that he will do magic and get her mother. Lovely gets relieved to know that Sikandar didn’t learn anything more.

Mohendar tells her that very soon Sikandar will learn Kulfi’s truth and then she is out of Sikandar’s life. Lovely prays for her family. She doesn’t want Sikandar to leave her. Tevar meets her and asks her to be with Kulfi, since Kulfi is her daughter. She asks her how can she leave Kulfi this way. He asks her to participate in the game with Kulfi. Lovely tells her that she has to participate in the competition with Amyra.

Sikandar overhears their conversation and gets surprised. He runs to reach them and know the entire truth. He misses to find Tevar with Lovely. He confronts Lovely for calling Tevar by his nickname. Mohendar also senses that there is some connection between Lovely and Tevar. He spies on Lovely. He wants some evidence against her, by which he can control her. He wants a solid evidence against Lovely.

Lovely tells Sikandar that Tevar was insisting her to meet Kulfi and got angry when she refused. Cutie misses to see Mohender in Lovely’s room. Cutie arranges Lovely’s room. Sikandar questions Lovely about Tevar. Lovely lies to Sikandar that Minty has told her Tevar’s nickname Guddu. She clears Sikandar’s doubt. Cutie takes away Lovely’s diary from the room. She doesn’t want Lovely to preserve Tevar and her love signs in the room. She finds Lovely foolish. She doesn’t want Sikandar to know the truth. Mohendar realizes that Cutie is also hiding about Lovely’s past. Lovely gets angry on Sikandar for always thinking of Kulfi and Tevar. He apologizes to her. She asks him to think about his own family.

She yells at him for bothering her with his silly questions. Kulfi sings and dances with kids, that she will soon get her mother. Tevar wants to keep her happiness. He wants to compel Lovely and fulfill his promise. Sikandar tells Amyra that he wants her to win by hardwork and sincerity. He explains her that the victory which comes from cheat is worthless. He asks her to become a good girl and make him proud.

Amyra doesn’t want to disappoint Sikandar. Lovely gets tensed knowing Gunjan is recovering. She asks Gunjan never to hurt Amyra. She warns Gunjan against ruining her married life. Lovely asks Gunjan to understand her, she is doing everything for Amyra’s future. She doesn’t want Kulfi’s truth to come out. Sikandar misses to hear Lovely’s confession. Kulfi shares her happiness with Sikandar. She tells him that Tevar has promised to get her mother in the competition. Sikandar asks her if this is true. She tells him that her mother is coming tomorrow. She gets happy to meet her mother. Sikandar also wants to see whom Tevar assumes to be Kulfi’s mother. She asks him to help her call Tevar as dad.

Sikandar gets emotional hearing her. He helps Kulfi in expressing love for her dad. He tells her that she will call Tevar as dad when she feels such love from heart. Sikandar has no proof against Tevar.

He doesn’t know whom will Tevar get as Kulfi’s mother, any fake person or drama artist. Kulfi tells Amyra that she is participating in the competition, as her mother is coming back. Amyra asks her not to fool anyone. Kulfi tells Amyra that Tevar is doing a miracle to get her mother back. Tevar makes a shocking move. He dresses as Nimrat to please Kulfi. Kulfi was expecting Tevar to really get Nimrat back. The kids laugh that Tevar has become Kulfi’s mom. Tevar tells Kulfi that he can be her dad and mum too, like Nimrat was her mum and dad too. Kulfi gets emotional by Tevar’s speech and calls him dad for the first time. Tevar gets happyily emotional. He pleases her heart. Tevar tells her that he will participate with her in the game.

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