Bepannaah: Love confession, proposal and a murder attempt

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Bepannaah: Love confession, proposal and a murder attempt… Aditya tells Zoya that he loves her a lot, he now has the answer for her question. She had asked him who is he in her life, what rights does he have and by what relation. He tells her that he wants to answer her. He surprises her with the romantic ambiance. He confesses love to Zoya all over again. He gets filmi and tells her that he loves her Bepannaah. He also proposes her for marriage. He asks her if she will marry him and give a name to their relation. He asks her to give an answer, if she wants to spend her life with him. Zoya gives her nod to Aditya. The couple rejoices their union. Hina Khan attends an anniversary party and performs on a song.

Aditya and Zoya will be getting married in the anniversary party. Zoya welcomes Hina. Hina tells Zoya that Vatsal and Ishita are her friends and invited her in the party. Zoya introduces her childhood friend Hina to Aditya. Hina compliments their jodi. She asks them when are they getting married. Aditya tells Hina that his marriage with Zoya is decided. He feels lucky to have Zoya in his life. There comes a twist in the party.

A goon reaches there and takes a waiter’s disguise to kill Zoya. Zoya spots him with the knife and shouts. Aditya rushes to help Zoya. He saves Zoya, while the goon flees. Zoya tells Aditya that she is scared, she doesn’t feel good. She asks him to take her home. Aditya pacifies her fears. He asks Zoya to enjoy the performances and forget the fears. Anjana has sent the goons to kill Zoya. Aditya doesn’t know his mum’s real face. Will Aditya learn the threat on Zoya and catch the culprit? Keep reading here for more on Bepannaah.

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  1. I hope they don’t drag this madness track and that when Anjana’s truth comes to light, it is resolved quickly. I just want a happy jodi!


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