Krishna Chali London: Krishna turns Radhe’s romance dreams true

Krishna Chali London: Krishna turns Radhe's romance dreams true

Krishna Chali London: Krishna turns Radhe’s romance dreams true… Krishna gets happy that Radhe has survived. She tells him that everyone in the family loves him a lot. She finds hard to confess love to Radhe. She didn’t imagine that she will tell Radhe about her feelings. She finally makes the love confession to Radhe. Her confession gets a hurdle. She plans to surprise Radhe and give him the deserved happiness. Krishna asks Gajanan and Lali to go to hotel and rest. She stays back in the hospital to look after Radhe. She happily plans the surprise for Radhe and waits for him to wake up. Krishna gets dreamy about him. She recollects Radhe’s sweet smile and thinks to restore it. She falls in love with him and wants to shout out her love to Radhe.

Shukla leaves for Mumbai to meet Radhe. He feels something is wrong with Radhe. Dubey also learns the matter of Radhe kidnapping Prashant and lying to Krishna about the result. Dubey gets angered. He worries for Krishna.

Shukla informs Gajanan that he has come to Mumbai to meet them. Gajanan gets worried, since he has hidden about Radhe. Gajanan didn’t wish to lie to Shukla. Krishna gets adorned and lives the feeling of being in love. She tells Radhe that she loves him a lot. She waits for his reaction on seeing the wonderful decorations. Her hearty love confession reaches Radhe. Radhe gets happy with her love confession and tells her that he also loves her a lot. They romance, and get a big hurdle in their love story when Shukla lands up.

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