Kulfi Kumar Bajewala: Sikandar and Lovely’s huge confrontation

Kulfi Kumar Sikandar and Lovely's patchy love tale begins

Kulfi Kumar Bajewala: Sikandar and Lovely’s huge confrontation… Sikandar answers right about Amyra. They win against Kulfi and Tevar. Kulfi gets happy for Amyra’s win. Tevar feels Kulfi knows more about Sikandar than him. Tevar doesn’t know much about Kulfi. Sikandar impresses Amyra by telling more about her. Amyra gets happy knowing Sikandar knows much about her. Kulfi enjoys the game. She tells Tevar that she doesn’t care if she lost, she has got al the fun. Sattu scolds Nihalo and tells her that he will not listen to her now. He slaps her. He tells her that he knows to whom did she sell the cow. He is happy that Kulfi is got help from Lord and nobody can harm her. Sikandar recollects his promise. Lovely feeds sweets to Mohendar and asks him to shut up, instead breaking houses. Sikandar wishes he finds the truth and lives up to his promise.

He prays from the heart. He doesn’t want to live with the burden. He is sure that Tevar isn’t Kulfi’s dad. He asks Bappa to help her. Tevar confronts Lovely for celebrating her victory.

He vents out anger and tells her that they lost the competition because of her. Sikandar gets a big shock when he hears their conversation. He calls on the phone number to know the girl. Amyra answers the call. He gets the phone from Amyra. He checks his call log. He gets moved knowing Lovely’s big deceive. His devotion solves the mystery. He learns that Lovely is Tevar’s girlfriend, whom he was finding since long. He realizes Lovely has stopped him from finding the truth always. He feels cheated by Lovely. He rushes to confront Lovely about her big lie.

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